Zombie Mode Finally Released In COD Black Ops

Fans of shooter games are familiar with Call of Duty. This game is indeed very popular among PC gamers and consoles since 2006 with the title Call of Duty 3 in various internet cafes.

Then, the Black Ops series appeared in 2010 developed by Treyarch. This series immediately gives a positive impression to the fans as well as new Call of Duty players because the gameplay is “fresh”!

Teamwork, weapon selection and roles, and tactical movements have a big influence in multiplayer mode. No wonder if Activision trusted Treyarch again to develop its fourth series, namely Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

In addition to the single player, of course Activision and Treyarch did not forget (even the main ones) embed Multiplayer and Zombies modes

But not only that, on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Treyarch bravely introduces Battle Royale mode called Blackout.

Do you like zombie games like Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil? Now you can play zombie-themed games in Zombies mode on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Now there are 3 episodes in Zombies mode namely Voyage of Despair (where you will eradicate zombies on the Titanic), IX (eradicate zombies in the middle of the gladiator arena), and gripping Blood of the Dead.

This mode also introduces 4 characters, namely Bruno, Diego, Scarlett, and Shaw, each of which has its own story.

Kikyou Is Present As a Marksman in Onmyouji Arena

After collaborating a few months ago with one of the Inuyasha anime that was quite popular in the 2000s. The collaboration presents 2 main characters of the anime, Inuyasha and Sheshomaru. Both of these characters are very OP in the game, so the onmyoji arena players often ban the two heroes in ranked matches. Well, the unique thing is, this Onmyoji arena will collaborate with the same anime for the 3rd time, and produce one of the female protagonists in this game.

Kikyo is one of the female protagonists in the anime. Kikyo will be present in the game as one of the Marksman type shikigami with 3 skills along with 1 passive. The 1st skill is damage skill that can be used to give more damage to the enemy. Skill 2 is a control skill that can be given to Knockback enemies, and the ultimate skill that can be used to deal more damage and stun enemies.

Uniquely, the ultimate skill from Kikyo when raised, can upgrade other skills from Kikyo as a whole. For example, Skill 2 from kikyo will be larger in the knock back range, or skill 1 from kikyo will become a penetration skill with greater damage.

This Crossover event will soon be launched by NetEase in the near future, so you can use Kikyo as one of the marksman in the Onmyoji Arena game. It is reported that Kikyo will be a limited event character. So if you want to get Kikyo, then you have to take part in the event.

Kikyo himself is a manga character created by Rumiko Takahashi, who tells of a high school girl named Kagome, who had to be thrown into the Sengoku era after falling into a well. Of course this is a good news for Inuyasha fans because through this Onmyoji Arena game they can reminisce with the anime that has been played on this Indonesian self-service TV station. Duuuh can’t wait to see Kikyo in action !!

Vikendi Has Been Officially Present For PUBG Mobile!

One of the most anticipated things has finally arrived, through the update 0.10.0, the latest snow map for PUBG – Vikendi has finally been officially released. Not only for the PC version, but also for the mobile version, there are many new lines offered by this new map.

Vikendi himself is a vast plain measuring 6km x 6km covered with snow, of course this will give a different sensation to the players. The new content offered in this map certainly feels very diverse, and the following is a line of new things that are present in Vikendi’s folder:

New weather additions: Snow

Vikendi’s exclusive vehicle: Snowmobile
Snowball War added on Vikendi Spawn Island.

Add a snow theme in the main menu view. Bell collection from all Classic modes and exchange for prizes at the event center.

Add Arabic support.

Add cross-server matchmaking. Once activated, players have the opportunity to meet other players who have the same tier from other servers.

The player who repeatedly matches when the match takes place will be banned from the find match for a while.

Players can now report strange things when they become spectators after death.
Add a layout for players with large hand sizes.

Add tags to items with quality, categories, and background information.
The best game results in the Crew Challenge will now appear on the Crew page and can be shared with other players.

Players can now collect all daily mission awards directly.
New commands added in Quick Chat.

Add a Firearms Finish upgrade system, where players can use material in the lab to upgrade multiple weapons and add effects such as kill effects, unique kill broadcasts, and different coffin appearances.

Add Lucky Treasure, a feature that gives players the chance to get Glacier weapon upgrade material – M416 when completing daily missions.

Adding Season Spending Rewards. Spend different amounts to get amazing prizes and discounts for firearm finishes.

Add a feature in the backpack to show items that cannot be taken when clicked.
Other reshuffle:

Players no longer need to choose a second language for matchmaking and chat.
The chat system takes up less memory and is able to store more messages.
The store front page has been set to emphasize the theme of each major update.

Bless The Demon Puppets – New Horror Game With Battle Royale Style

In 2018, which is getting closer to the end, it seems that it still makes the battle royale genre excellent for gamers and developers alike. Still adapting the same approach, the battle royale, one of the developers from Fukuoka, Japan, namely Qmax, announced his new project entitled Bless The Demon Puppets through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

Qmax himself claims that Bless The Demon Puppets will carry a genre they call “hardgore” battle royale and plans to be released for PC via Steam later. Hardgore itself might refer to a mix of hardcore and gore genres where you will find an atmosphere full of blood with games that really make you really have to focus.

In Bless The Demon Puppets each game will be attended by 30 players who will become horrible creatures. Just like the popular battle royale game today, players have to kill each other and certainly will find a lot of blood running around. The winner is those who managed to survive until the game ended. Besides this game also presents something unique where each player can choose characters that look like horrible creatures, each of course with different abilities and roles.

Qmax itself has estimated that this game will be released at the end of 2019. Well, will Bless The Demon Puppets bring fresh air with the battle royale approach combined with a terrible atmosphere in the style of Dead by Daylight. Oh yeah, if you are interested in supporting the Bless The Demon Puppets project you can visit their official page

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Review

Change and innovation are two words that are inseparable from Ni Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. Even though I missed the first series, I don’t need to worry about missing the story. Because this game has a story that is completely different from the previous iteration. The absence of Studio Ghibli in the making, does not necessarily make this game lose its quality. Instead, it becomes a game with interesting stories wrapped in a beautiful world.

This game tells of King Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum of the kingdom of Ding Dong Dell, who was betrayed by his royal adviser, Mausinger. It is targeted to be immediately killed after his power is seized, Evan then meets Roland, a President from another world who is thrown into his world. He then escaped from Ding Dong Dell, to establish a new kingdom called Evermore. Evan’s dream of uniting four other kingdoms so that there would not be a dispute, became the beginning of your adventure in Ni no Kuni II.

Missed the first series, it didn’t make me forget to learn it. Different from previous iterations that focus on turn-based combat. The system of the second battle series of this game, is more inclined to action with fairly short transitions in the world map, and without any transitions in the dungeon.

When fighting, you will realize that there is a Zing system that is indicated by a number below each of your weapons. If the number reaches 100%, then your usual attack will get stronger. Zing system also allows you to use the skills and magic you have.

Each character has two types of equipment, the first is a melee attack, and the second is a long range attack. There are three melee weapons and one long range weapon that you can choose. The attack from melee weapons has two combos, heavy and light. Lightweight combos are faster, while combos weigh slower with greater damage. Each attack allows you to do the MP recovery needed by your skill.

Fact About Kadita, Newest Hero In Mobile Legends

Who does not know Kadita, this hero is one of the new heroes released this month on December 18 yesterday. This hero is a Hero who is very overpowering and agile because it is supported by his skills that are very useful especially the ultimate which is so released to cause damage and slow effects that are very annoying. But you may not know the facts below and we have collected it so let’s look at the following facts

Kadita is the first original hero from Indonesia, maybe you will wonder why Kadita is the first hero, not Gatotkaca, this is the explanation that unlike Gatotkaca where Gatotkaca is a Hero made from Mahabaratha where it is still debated that Gatotkaca is a hero from India or Indonesia , but if traced through history, it can be ascertained that gatotkaca originated from India because the Mahabaratha book originated from the country of India. But there is a big difference between the Indonesian version of Gatotkaca and the Indian version where in the Indian version gatotkaca is described as having a giant stature and bald stature, while in the version of Garudayana Gatotkaca it is described as having a fierce face but having a stout posture and wearing clothes and using the Gatotkaca the Garudayana version therefore Mobile Legends gives an appendage to a hero from Indonesia.

Historically we got through Wikipedia Kadita is a single daughter of Raja Munding Wangi from Pajajaran Kingdom. Because of her beauty, she was nicknamed Dewi Srêngéngé (lit. “Goddess of the Sun”). Despite having a beautiful daughter, Raja Munding Wangi was sad because he did not have a son who could succeed him as king. Kemudan Raja married Dewi Mutiara and got the son from the marriage. Because Dewi Mutiara wanted her son to be king without any obstacles later on she finally tried to get rid of Dewi Kandita. then Dewi Mutiara faced the King then asked her to send Kadita away from the palace. But the King said that he would not allow anyone who wanted to act harshly on his daughter. Hearing that answer, Dewi Mutiara smiled and said sweetly until the King did not get angry again at him.

From the beginning of the Mobile Legends Release until now there have been many Heroes released, but maybe many of you don’t know how many Hero Mobile Legends. Currently there are 74 Hero Mobile Legends which are divided into several types such as Marksman, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Tank and Support.

Best Item For Archer In AoV Mobile Game

If you want to give maximum damage with hero role Archer, the first item that must be in the Elsu AOV build is Rankbreaker. As much as possible you get at the beginning before buying shoes, because your shooting distance is quite far.

Although the addition of physical attacks on this item is 110 points. The big benefit of Rankbreaker is the passive effect that can give Elsu pierce armor an additional 100 points and up 10 points per Elsu level.

For footwear that is mandatory and a recommendation on the Elsu AOV build is War Boots. Why War Boots? As explained earlier that the increase in attack speed is prioritized on the Elsu DPS type build.

Actually the issue of movement speed on Elsu need not be considered, because Elsu’s passive skill has provided an additional 16-30% movement speed when hiding and not attacking.

This is the second important item in the build of Elsu AOV which makes the attack normally painful. Devil Handshake can provide large damage from the results of converting critical rates into damage and adding 30% attack speed and 5% movement speed.

The use of Devil Handshake can replace the position of a Snipe skill that is difficult to master, a normal use of attack in teamfight. So using Snipe skills is only when the war opener and chasing a hero who runs away from the battle.

The passive effect of this item can give Elsu a normal attack that hurts very quickly, increasing the attack speed by 10% for 2 seconds that you can stack 5 times!

Using Muramasa on this build can increase your armor pierce owned by Elsu and your Arcana. Elsu’s attacks can be 100% hit with enemies with full damage, and can also be faster in defeating enemy tanks.

With the increase in attack speed and added to Pierce 45% armor to Elsu, it could make the enemy’s HP quickly decrease like a leaky water bucket. Not to mention there is an additional 75 physical attacks and 10% cooldown reduction.

The Blackout Club: Horror Co-op Game

At first glance, the overall appearance of this game might remind me a bit of the atmosphere in one of the Goosebumps series, both from the TV serial version and in the novel book directly. Taking the theme of horror around the lives of teenagers is indeed an interesting thing for some who want to reminisce again to commemorate the times full of such excitement.

Question, a developer whose members have an important portfolio in working on the Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite series, now has just shown a project that runs the latest co-op game that is too unique. With the title The Blackout Club, this is a game that seems to be a new form of preoccupation for you and your friends.

The Blackout Club has a kind of premise where you are a teenager who is caught witnessing a mysterious phenomenon in your place of residence. Many people there at night always go out sleeping. Then when you are closing your eyes, sometimes you can also see the appearance of a figure resembling a human that is quite creepy. As soon as you tell these things to parents, teachers, at school, to other adults, they don’t believe your words at all.

Not added from the occurrence of loss of your friends after the incident began to occur, that’s where the beginning of the return of this game began. You along with 3 of your friends in the editorial co-op will investigate what really happened at night. Whether it’s looking for evidence by recording the odd things you encounter, or solving the mystery of the strange phenomenon directly.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Turns from Steam to the Epic Games Store

Even though it is still very new, Epic Games Store has managed to persuade many developers to switch from Steam to their digital store services with two temptations that are hard to resist, which are 18% bigger profit sharing and a better promised curation system. After the Supergiant, A44 Games and Team Meat, now Skybound Games – a new developer from The Walking Dead: The Final Season also turns to EGS.

Previously released on Steam, they were eventually persuaded to continue the remaining two episodes through this Fortnite developer store. For those who have already purchased on Steam, there is no need to worry, both episodes will still be given to the Steam version. This is only reserved for gamers who have not had time to buy or are just interested in buying.

For those of you who miss out on information, Telltale Games announced a few months ago that it will close soon and all the projects they are working on have now been canceled including The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Fortunately Skybound Games, the studio that was discovered by the creators of The Walking Dead, took steps to continue the conclusion of the Clementime and AJ stories. Successfully recruiting a collection of developers from Telltale, Episode 3 and 4 finally re-developed and planned to be released in the upcoming January 2019.

Skybound Games revealed when Epic Games has become a business partner of their company. So it became a reasonable decision if they switched from Steam to this new store service. There is no certainty whether the previous game The Walking Dead will also be released to the store, but it can happen to see that all of them now cannot be bought again on Steam.

Ragnarok Idle Poring, Fun To Play For Lazy Gamer

It is undeniable, currently the mobile game that is booming is Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. Since being introduced to Chinese servers, this game has always been successful in attracting many players in the world. Currently the developer has released a global version where more players will play the game in this version.

But besides Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, there is one Ragnarok mobile game that you can play, the name is Ragnarok Idle Poring. Unlike most Ragnarok games, the Ragnarok Idle Poring game is actually very easy to play.

How come ? This game allows players to gain experience even though they are not playing the game (idle). Besides that there are many unique features that make this game even more interesting.

One exciting feature is the pet system. Pet that can be used is not only limited to public pets such as poring or yoyo, monsters in the class of Baphomet, Drake, Maya and other bosses can also be used.

Every pet boss that is used gives additional different effects, ranging from additional zeny, exp, HP, SP, Attack and so on.

Besides that there is a mission feature that can provide additional items, exp and also other objects that can be used to help leveling you up, isn’t it fun?

What are you waiting for ? Instantly download and feel the thrill of playing Ragnarok in a different style.

Hideo Kojima Had Asked to Retire After Exiting Konami, But He Refused

The breakup of Hideo Kojima and Konami in 2015 indeed became a separate topic among gamers. It also signifies a very unclear fate for the continuation of the Metal Gear Solid series. Konami’s efforts to preserve the franchise could be said to be too blunder when they did it without the help of the hands of the 55-year-old man.

While for Kojima himself, he finally took a bold decision to create his own game studio and established a cooperative relationship with Sony so that his ideas and imagination could still be optimized again as usual. And from there it was also the announcement regarding Hideo Kojima’s latest game entitled Death Stranding that surfaced and made the enthusiasm of the fans waiting for his work flared up again.

While for Kojima himself, he finally took a bold decision to create his own game studio and established a cooperative relationship with Sony so that his ideas and imagination could still be optimized again as usual. And from there it was also the announcement regarding Hideo Kojima’s latest game entitled Death Stranding that surfaced and made the enthusiasm of the fans waiting for his work flared up again.

Amidst Kojima’s quite heroic steps, did you know that since he left Konami, he had been overwhelmed by a doubt that might influence his current choice of life? Reported directly from the posting of his personal Twitter account in the English version, he is concerned that something we believe can make you always expect the best for his condition along with the game he is working on.

It has long been realized that now that he has reached the age of more than half a century since deciding to work independently, Hideo Kojima turned out to have experienced a mental upheaval which made him confused in making a choice. Will he stop making games, or follow his willingness to inspire many people?

Heroes of The Storm Tournament Next Year Are Cancelled ?

Heroes of the Storm, what you have in mind is hearing the title of Blizzard’s concoction game. Or maybe there are still many who don’t know the existence of the MOBA game that unites characters from the Blizzard game universe?

After its existence in the gaming industry for approximately 3 years, the unpleasant news came from this game. Later enthusiasts from Heroes of the Storm began to decline, this seemed to have an impact on the developer crew to its competitive scene.

Even the big competition which will be held in 2019 is really no longer held. Both the Global Heroes Championship (HGC) and Heroes of the Dorm will not return next year, they confirmed last Thursday. According to them this is a difficult decision they must make.

Heroes of Global Championship (HGC) is one of the biggest tournaments held officially by Blizzard with participants from all over the world and simultaneously held at Blizzcon with a total prize of $ 1,000,000 USD. While Heroes of the Dorm is also a big tournament, it is more aimed at new talents at the campus level. The winner will get thousands of dollars in prizes in the form of scholarships to go to higher education but have a love for the world of esports.

With the absence of two big competitions next year from Heroes of the Storm, it’s likely that the esports scene will disappear. For this event, Blizzard also began to move the developer team from Heroes of the Storm to other teams, and it is likely that the crew will make at least enough to make this game still interesting to play casual.

According to he HotS is quite fun to play, as one of the MOBA games you don’t need to think about a farm or a fairly complex strategy. You can immediately fight or take some monsters by defeating them in the forest area to help push. It’s quite fun, there are many choices of heroes from the Blizzard game universe starting from World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 to Overwatch.

Interestingly, it is actually Blizzard’s move to bring a number of Overwatch heroes who are predicted to be attracting many new enthusiasts, especially Overwatch fans, but this does not last long. And now they are eliminating two big competitions next year. What’s happen with Blizzard ?

PUBG And Fornite Are Banned In China

Recently the Chinese government established an online game review committee. Online games circulating in China will be reviewed whether it is worth playing or not. A total of 20 online games were reviewed by the committee and stated that 9 online games were not suitable to be played in China and would be banned by the Chinese government.

This is a debate that is no less shocking by the community of online game players around the world. Considering that China previously censored Winnie the Pooh in the Kingdom Heart 3 game. According to the committee, banning games circulated in China due to elements of blood, violence, vulgar content, overly open female characters and unhealthy communities.

Most of the 9 games that were banned were battle royale games. Other than Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds and other Fortnite games are H1Z1, Ring of Elysium, Paladins, Free Fire, etc.

Meanwhile 11 other games received a strong rebuke from the committee. These games include Arena of Valor, League of Legends, Diablo, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, etc. In addition to getting a warning from the developers, they must make improvements to the game so as not to violate the prevailing norms in China.

Developers who get the effect still from the ban by the online game review committee are Tencent. A total of 6 games were included in the list of games affected by the committee’s review. Where two of them will end their existence in the world of Chinese games.

Chinese people still don’t know when the banning process will begin. Until now they can still play PUBG and Fortnite games.

New DLC Content For Monster Hunter: World

Winning the award for the best RPG game this year seems to make Capcom even more enthusiastic in presenting new content for Monsters: Hunter World. After Geralt from The Witcher will be present as a form of collaboration, Capcom is also preparing something big next year.

Since its release, one of the things requested by many fans is the presence of a new hunting location. And now Capcom answered the request by presenting a DLC in the form of a massive expansion called Ice Borne. You can check the teaser below.

As you can see in the teaser above, Capcom seems to be presenting a cool and snowy location. From the trailer you can also see that there is a figure with a red-eyed monster, where the monster might remind you of a Nargacuga. So that this massive expansion also seems to be presenting new monsters and of course new armor and weaponry.

Not to forget, this paid expansion will also present a new rank quest, where the presence of G-Rank is also one of the requests of many fans. And what is equally interesting is the presence of new stories, continuing the story that happened in the main game.

But it seems that fans have to wait long enough, because this expansion is planned to be released in the fall of 2019 which is likely to fall from September to November. And keep in mind that this DLC seems to also be present for the console version first, so you who play on the PC seem to have to wait even longer.

Xtreme 3: Scarlet Trailer Finally Released

After being teased for its presence, Koei Tecmo finally released the first trailer for their sensual spin-off game, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet.

As you might have guessed, the trailer shows the sensuality and cuteness of Dead or Alive girls in facing various challenges. They also introduce VR modes that make you hotter and cooler because you can “see” them as close as possible.

The Nintendo Switch version will have “Yawaraka 4D” or literally “Soft 4D” that allows you to “feel” anything that girls do. Starting from “shocks” to others.

They also introduce characters from their free-to-play PC game, Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, Misaki (voice: Tsuda Minami) for the first time to appear in one of the main series Dead or Alive Xtreme.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet will be released on March 20, 2019 on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan. There is no clarity when the English version will be released, so it would be better if you keep monitoring it so it doesn’t miss updates.

( We think this game is more about fans service instead of the gameplay itself, but back to the gamer again want to buy this game or no. But for us, it’s just for fans service only ).

CSGO Battle Royale: Danger Zone

Battle Royale mode is already arguably a necessity in a contemporary game, combining successful formulas seems to tempt many games ranging from the elegant, typical Fortnite, PUBG with weapons and realism, even to the point where there is a game called Egress which has no weapons at all but still implements Battle Royale mode. Now it is the turn of CS: GO, one of the legendary FPS games in the eyes of game shooters who have just implemented their Battle Royale mode.

Entitled “Danger Zone” Valve this time brings a new CS: GO mode with a maximum player in one room ranging from 16-18 people, of which 16 are for solo and 18 are for duo or 3 people in a team. Not only that you are already active as a Prime Member for CS: GO, you can get the chance to get the MP5-SD Souvenir weapon | Lab Rats for free.

Survivors will get a Tablet at the beginning of the game which is useful for tracking where the enemy is, the enemy location will be marked with a yellow area.
You can collect money scattered around the map.

Save the Host to Rescue Zone and get certain secret files to give you money.
If you kill other people you will get Cash and “all items” that he has.
There is only one small folder called Blacksite.

The map is divided into various areas and bombed randomly during the game.
Got a skin that is Edggy on CS: GO? Relax you can enjoy your skin in Danger Zone mode too.

You can spend money with weapons and equipment such as armor and armor, and all these items will be delivered through drones.

Weapons that are powerful enough will drop through Air-Drop at certain moments.
A game revolves around 10 Menitan because it’s really a small Map and player.
How to get MP5-SD Souvenir | Lab Rats Simply collect 250 XP in the Danger Zone Mode and have Prime Membership status.

New Features: Black Desert Online Battle Royale

Battle Royale mode is indeed very phenomenal in 2017-2018. The instant mode rocketed its popularity with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds adapted by various developers to create new games including the owner of its own game engine with Fortnite Battle Royale. Although it is predicted that his popularity will soon end this year, apparently he will instead be re-adapted by other games, one of which is Black Desert Online.

The first is the removal of the renown score and the bonus renown score that allows you to do the one-hit kill of the monsters you face. He will be replaced with a DP arrangement so that fighting time can last a long time. While the marketplace will not have the waiting time for item registration and bid to prevent misuse of the system. They also want life skills to give more gifts to players.

Apart from that, they also announce Archer as a new class in the game and explain why he didn’t appear at the beginning of the game. They only say that Archer is a Kamasylvia guard and is busy keeping it “you can’t play”. The story information will be provided after it is implemented.

Archer is the most unique class among other classes, it is capable of using weapon awakening and abilities since level 1. A thing that is quite different compared to other classes that need grinding up to level 56 and run the awakening quest to use it. It will be able to be used from December 12 throughout the world, skipping Lahn for Black Desert Online SEA. They will give an EXP bonus event to welcome him. Currently Black Desert Online SEA has also opened a pre-registration period to try it.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Will Aired For Nintendo Switch And PS4

Wondering the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series that has been here to accompany you since the Nintendo Gamecube era? Through an official announcement, Square Enix will present Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remaster for the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4!

Of all the Final Fantasy series that have been released, Squaresoft or what is now known as Square Enix had made a number of spin-off series that have nothing to do with their main series, say Final Fantasy Tactics which brings slick and complex turn-based mechanics .

Of all the Final Fantasy series that have been released, Squaresoft or what is now known as Square Enix had made a number of spin-off series that have nothing to do with their main series, say Final Fantasy Tactics which brings slick and complex turn-based mechanics .

There is also the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series, a game with a focus on exploration and puzzle solving. This game was originally released for Nintendo Gamecube and has now been developed towards several consoles such as the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii.

The concept is quite simple, action RPG that is combined with several puzzle elements that are not too complex. The same concept continues to be brought towards NDS and Wii, with major changes on the graphic side.

Through the 2018 Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix announces Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle Remaster with some quite interesting changes, especially on the multiplayer side which is always the main point in the Crystal Chronicle.

Ghost Parade: Cool Game Made By Lentera Studio

I wonder if there are already many Indonesian developers who have or are ready to release the game for the console. Yes, a console like the PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch which will be a door prize for the BEKRAF Gameprime 2018 event.

Previously there was Mintsphere with their game, Fallen Legion, Mojiken Studios which featured Ultra Space Battle Brawls, and Agate Studio with Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story. This time, Lantern will present Ghost Parade.

This game is a side-scrolling game surrounded by beautiful and mysterious nuances. Tells the story of a girl named Suri. He is straying in a forest and wants to go back home.

When on the way, Suri found a variety of unique ghosts. Apparently the ghosts will be friends with Suri. They are ambitious to regain their forest which was destroyed by vile humans.

One of the prominent aspects of this game is of course the graphics that are crazy and fantastic. You will see this game as if made by an outside developer. In addition, the story presented by the developer team is also exciting and interesting. Quiet, not as crazy as Game of Thrones.

In this game, you will be able to craft and play ghosts who have become your friends. They have special strengths and abilities.

Ghost Parade is planned to be released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2019.

Golden Joystick Award Winner, Check This Out !

The Golden Joystick Award winning games have been announced. From the mobile category, PUBG Mobile is chosen as the best!

The winners of the Golden Joystick Award were announced yesterday.

Games like God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 won awards, while Fortnite Battle Royale was chosen as a competitive game and the best game.

If you are confused with the achievement of Fortnite, it is worth remembering that the title of the one is probably the most popular game in the west. Especially in America, where pro athletes and celebrities play it.

One of the things that stole the attention of PUBG Mobile turned out to win in the best mobile game category!

Besides the game, Hidetaka Miyazaki, the father of Dark Souls, also won awards from the Lifetime Achievement category.

Do you agree that Fortnite deserves to be the Ultimate Game of the Year?

How do you think about PUBG Mobile being the best mobile game this year? Are there games that you think are more appropriate? Tell in the comments column!

So this is the winner of all category, check this out :

  • Best Storytelling – God of War
  • Best Competitive Game – Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Best Cooperative Game – Monster Hunter: World
  • Best Visual Design – God of War
  • Best Indie Game – Dead Cells
  • Best Audio – God of War
  • Still Playing Award – World of Tanks
  • Best Performer – Bryan Dechart (as Connor from Detroit: Become Human)
  • Esports Game of the Year – Overwatch
  • Best VR Game – The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim VR
  • Studio of the Year – SIE Santa Monica Studio
  • Best New Streamer / Broadcaster – Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire
  • Mobile Game of the Year – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile
  • PC Game of the Year – Subnautica
  • PlayStation Game of the Year – God of War
  • Xbox Game of the Year – Forza Horizon 4
  • Nintendo Game of the Year – Octopath Traveler
  • Breakthrough Award – Unknown Worlds
  • Most Wanted Game – Cyberpunk 2077
  • Critics Choice Award – Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Lifetime Achievement – Hidetaka Miyazaki (FromSoftware)
  • Outstanding Contribution – Xbox Adaptive Controller
  • Ultimate Game of the Year – Fortnite Battle Royale

Three Forgotten Marksman Hero In Mobile Legends

Mobile Legend is the most popular MOBA game today for mobile platforms. In playing this game, there is one role that is a favorite of gamers, the role is marksman.

Marksman is a very crucial role, especially during the late game. A marksman can give a very large damage output during the late game. Here are the forgotten marksman heroes in Mobile Legend.

The first hero is Layla. At the launch of this game, Layla is a marksman that is very popular . Layla is a hero who is very skilled at shooting very long distances (farthest than any other hero). In addition, Layla also has skills that can provide enormous physical damage to opponents.

The second hero is Clint. This one hero could get nerf many times to make gamers lazy to play it. Clint has a passive skill called Quick Draw. This skill will be active every time Clint uses a skill. The nature of the attack of Quick Draw is Pure Damage.

The third hero is Miya. Even though at the beginning of its appearance, this hero is very often used in ranked mode. Miya has the ability to beat many enemies in one shot. His ultimate skill will make him disappear for one second while providing additional attack speed and movement speed for Miya.

10 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Blog

10 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Blog – Do you want to make money from a blog without having to bother making it? If so, you can invest by buying blogs that have made money. However, before buying a blog on Flippa or a forum, you need to know the following ten things so that the blog you buy will become an online asset or “money machine”.


Income is usually the main factor that determines the selling price of a blog. For example, a blog that earns the last 30 days of Google AdSense for $ 100 has a selling price of $ 1,000 (10 times the income of the last 30 days).

To verify the consistency of blog income, you must ask for screenshots of blog earnings for at least the last 3 months. Don’t be lulled by income for the last 30 or 7 days.

If the blog uses Amazon affiliation, pay attention to the list of products sold in the blog income screenshot. Is the list related to the product being promoted or the topic of the blog in question?

If Google AdSense is used as a source of income, observe the time of making a screenshot of income (for example, see the image below). If there is no information about the time of manufacture, be careful because the screenshot can be engineered.


You don’t want to be deceived by a fake that comes from a bot, right? Therefore, ask for traffic data from Google Analytics. Why?

First, Google Analytics is a trusted reporting tool. Second, you can ask the seller to add your gmail account to the Google Analytics blog so that you can see the traffic report directly. When viewing the traffic report, pay attention to the key words entered, source of traffic, visitor’s country of origin, bounce rate, and the ratio of new / old visitors.

Link Building Used

Blog rankings on search engines (especially Google) affect the amount of traffic. If the blog is entered on page 1 of Google for the keywords poker it is targeting, do not necessarily “deify” that position. You must know the link building technique on the blog to ensure that the blog is safe from Google Penguin updates later on.

The trick is to ask the link building technique for the seller concerned. Not only stop here, double-check the backlinks that point to the blog with backlink checkers, such as Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs.com, or Majestic SEO. Quality backlinks usually do not come from black hat or spamming activities.

Age and Blog Platform

The simple rule is to buy a blog that is at least 4 months old so that you have the opportunity to get the income data for the last 3 months. The ideal age is one year because the blog is resistant to changes in the Google algorithm. To check the age of a blog, you can use the Whois checker (for example Whois-Search.com or Whois.Domaintools.com) or Wayback Machine.

Regarding flatform, you should buy a self-hosting WordPress blog. This is because WordPress-based blogs are easy to operate and under your control (read WordPress vs Blogspot).

Authenticity and Readability of Articles

A good blog contains original content, not copy paste. The easiest way to see the authenticity of blog content is to use CopyScape. In addition, if the blog is in English, also check the readability of the articles. Make sure the article is not an article that results from spin because the article is of low quality that is prone to being hit by the “Panda” raid.

Seller Information

Don’t buy a blog from an untrusted seller. Therefore, you must know the seller’s personal information such as full name, home / mobile phone, email, Skype and social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin). Remember, trustworthy (professional) sellers will give all the information with pleasure because they treat businesses to sell blogs in the long run.

If you buy a blog on Flippa, don’t forget to also see the seller’s rating. This rating is based on feedback from previous buyers. A 100% rating means that the buyer is satisfied with the quality of the blog and the seller’s service.

Blog Reason For Sale

You must also know the reason why the blog is sold. Examples of reasonable reasons:

  • Need money for offline purposes (eg buying a house, paying for car payments, medical expenses, etc.)
  • Some percent of the proceeds from blog sales will be invested to create new blogs
  • Do not have time because the seller is more focused on other blogs or other online projects

Keep yourself away from the reason blogs are sold because they have the potential to generate a large passive income. Why? Because if it’s potential, the seller shouldn’t sell his blog, right?

Payment method

If the seller does not provide payment mechanism information, you must discuss this so that the transaction runs smoothly and safely. The best way is to use third party services, for example Escrow.

Unfortunately, Escrow does not support transactions in Indonesia. However, don’t worry, you can do a payment mechanism like this:

  • You pay 100%, then the seller transfers the blog to your hosting
  • Anda membayar 50% dan sisanya dibayarkan setelah transfer blog ke hosting Anda selesai

Feeling worried that your money will be taken away should not appear if you buy a blog from a trusted seller. In addition, if you buy a blog from an Indonesian, you can make a payment agreement signed by both parties on the stamp. This is legally binding so that no one is harmed.

Blog Transfer

Blog transfers are usually done by the seller and take 1 to 3 days. If the blog transfer is done by another party, make sure you do not bear the costs because the blog transfer is the seller’s obligation.

Blog Maintenance

Blog maintenance depends on the concept of the blog. If the concept is set and forget, you don’t have to bother updating the blog content. If you have to update regularly, you must ask the seller about how to update content: self-written or ordered in article writing services.

If you can’t write yourself, you can search for local or foreign article writing services (eg iWriter). However, when ordered, you must ask the seller about where and who the author is so you can order the article in the same place and person to maintain the blog.


Even though you have a lot of money, you still need to be careful in buying a blog. You better spend a lot of time knowing the ten things above rather than spending a lot of money buying a blog that does not become an asset in the future.

What else do you need to know before deciding to buy a blog?