New DLC Content For Monster Hunter: World

Winning the award for the best RPG game this year seems to make Capcom even more enthusiastic in presenting new content for Monsters: Hunter World. After Geralt from The Witcher will be present as a form of collaboration, Capcom is also preparing something big next year.

Since its release, one of the things requested by many fans is the presence of a new hunting location. And now Capcom answered the request by presenting a DLC in the form of a massive expansion called Ice Borne. You can check the teaser below.

As you can see in the teaser above, Capcom seems to be presenting a cool and snowy location. From the trailer you can also see that there is a figure with a red-eyed monster, where the monster might remind you of a Nargacuga. So that this massive expansion also seems to be presenting new monsters and of course new armor and weaponry.

Not to forget, this paid expansion will also present a new rank quest, where the presence of G-Rank is also one of the requests of many fans. And what is equally interesting is the presence of new stories, continuing the story that happened in the main game.

But it seems that fans have to wait long enough, because this expansion is planned to be released in the fall of 2019 which is likely to fall from September to November. And keep in mind that this DLC seems to also be present for the console version first, so you who play on the PC seem to have to wait even longer.