PUBG Mobile Presents Enhanced Team Deathmatch Mode

In making a game fresh and preferred by its players, developers often make updates that can make the game more fun and exciting.

Now this is what Tencent did in one of the games at PUBG Mobile. One of the famous Battle royale games will get a new Team Deathmatch update in beta specifically for the Android version. Players can play the new Team Deathmatch mode in third or first person mode.

In that mode, there will be several modes that are eliminated like boss mode in “The Abandoned Factory”, “Zombies Survival til dawn” mode and many more.

This increase will also affect the graphics of the game as a whole such as when walking in the snow area, players will leave footprints and much more. PUBG M itself recently entered season 7, which brought out new features such as the Royale Pass, EZ Missions License, Mustache in customization features, and Flight trail when opening parachutes. In addition, there are also additional new Scorpion weapons that have been issued by the PUBG M, and new Servers for people who play PUBG M in the Middle East.

Apart from that, of course Tencent will always develop the game for the players, therefore if you haven’t downloaded the PUBG M game, immediately download it on Google Play for the Android version and Appstore for the iOS version.

Niantic Bring New Features On Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has indeed experienced a decline in players lately. Many people don’t play this game because they are bored because there are no additional features that make them no longer interested in continuing the game.

But Niantic did not stay silent, there have been some updates they have done to keep it looking attractive in the eyes of gamers, one of them is the raid mode. Previously Niantic had also added Pokemon from the third generation so as to give trainers more choices to complete their Pokédex collection.

For the latest updates later, they plan to add some interesting new features, for example the PvP feature where you can duel with other players and also add a cap level. Do not forget they also added Pokemon from the fourth generation to add excitement in playing Pokemon Go.

Until now there has been no official news from Niantic regarding this update. Niantic also plans to add several PokeStop points to make it easier for trainers to get the materials needed for evolution and additional pokeball.

Not only that, Niantic will also add their security system so that cheaters cannot move freely. The most exciting is the second session of Pokemon Go Fest. As we know, in the first round of their first event, Niantic was able to attract a lot of attention of Pokemon lovers. Will this second session contest be as successful as the first generation? We just need to wait for the due date.

Best Build For Phantom Assasin Dota 2

Phantom Assassin is a very strong agility type hero during late game. He is a critical specialist in the Dota 2 game. Thanks to the Coup De Grace skill, he is able to provide critical 4 times more than his normal attack.

In playing the hero Phantom Assassin, there are some items that must be purchased by this hero. The first item that must be purchased is Battle Fury. This item has a cleaving attack effect where you can attack all enemies in a small area at once! This item also provides additional regeneration of SP and HP as well as considerable attack points.

The next item is Vladimir Offering or Helm of Dominator or Satanic. These three items have a life steal effect that is needed by Phantom Assassin. The most suitable item to buy during late game is Satanic while for the early game is the Helm of Dominator or Vladimir.

The third item that must be purchased is Basher or Abyssal Blade. This item gives the possibility to stun an enemy every time it hits. If it has been upgraded to Abyssal Blade, then you can use the active skills in Abyssal Blade to set enemies. This item is very suitable to be combined with the second skill of the Phantom Assassin.

The fourth item named Black King Bar. When activated, this item will give a magic immune effect so that the Phantom Assassin can advance without the need to be afraid of the opponent’s magic effects.

The fifth item is called Eye of Skadi. This item provides a very large boost status for its users. Although this item does not provide a large amount of damage, this item is able to give a slow effect every time it attacks.

Katsuhiro Harada Now Holds Bandai Namco’s Main IP

Starting from the arcade game in 1994, the Tekken series is now one of the biggest fighting games that are still loved by the fans. Almost all generations who know about fighting video games, can’t possibly not know him. The success of the game which also introduces martial arts from around the world is certainly not free from the cold hands of its producer, Katsuhiro Harada. Now, he must continue his hard work and dedication to the next generation.

Through his Twitter, Harada said that he is now no longer serving as a producer of the Tekken franchise and being a General Producer of all of Bandai Namco’s main IPs including Ace Combat, Soul Calibur, to Tales of. He will also continue to work as an eSports Strategy Leader.

The torch that Harada brings, he surrenders to Michael Murray, who is now responsible for merchandise and all things related to the game that Harada has produced for those 25 years. Congratulations!

Tekken is currently entering the seventh series and the last series which is Harada Producer. Of course it would be very interesting to see the development of the sequel series without the presence of Harada as the main producer of the game.

Keep up with the development of Tekken and Bandai Namco so that you continue to get the latest information from both of them.