Niantic Bring New Features On Pokemon Go

Niantic Bring New Features On Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has indeed experienced a decline in players lately. Many people don’t play this game because they are bored because there are no additional features that make them no longer interested in continuing the game.

But Niantic did not stay silent, there have been some updates they have done to keep it looking attractive in the eyes of gamers, one of them is the raid mode. Previously Niantic had also added Pokemon from the third generation so as to give trainers more choices to complete their Pokédex collection.

For the latest updates later, they plan to add some interesting new features, for example the PvP feature where you can duel with other players and also add a cap level. Do not forget they also added Pokemon from the fourth generation to add excitement in playing Pokemon Go.

Until now there has been no official news from Niantic regarding this update. Niantic also plans to add several PokeStop points to make it easier for trainers to get the materials needed for evolution and additional pokeball.

Not only that, Niantic will also add their security system so that cheaters cannot move freely. The most exciting is the second session of Pokemon Go Fest. As we know, in the first round of their first event, Niantic was able to attract a lot of attention of Pokemon lovers. Will this second session contest be as successful as the first generation? We just need to wait for the due date.