Exodus Metro Release at Epic Store Not through Decision from Central Publisher

Apart from the fact that Epic Games Store has slowly begun to build the foundation of an increasingly strong and solid digital gaming platform, their success in luring a number of developers to no longer have the taste in marketing their games on Steam turned out to be quite a controversy, especially for PC gamers who already comfortable in buying digital games on certain platforms.

After Ubisoft was surprisingly reluctant to release The Division 2 game on Steam, the same thing was finally followed by Deep Silver through their FPS survival game called Metro Exodus. Valve, who is certainly disappointed, openly stated that they and Steam gamers felt unfairly treated, given that Metro Exodus had long been providing pre-order services on the platform since 2018 yesterday.

Many really regret the sudden change of direction carried out by Deep Silver. Interestingly, this also made THQ Nordic the highest party that had acquired Deep Silver and the entire game franchise spoke up and wanted to straighten out everything that had happened.

Through cuitan on his official Twitter account, the decision to make Metro Exodus as an exclusive PC game on the Epic Games Store apparently did not come from authority or direct orders from Nordic THQ. Koch Media is 100% responsible for driving and determining what steps to take Deep Silver in marketing their games. Although Koch Media has long been acquired by THQ Nordic since last February 2018, Koch seems to still want to separate himself from THQ Nordic by fully controlling the IP-IP of the game he holds.

Hardest First Boss Ever Made In Video Games

When fighting in a game, it’s make player feel satisfied when playing game. But sometimes, there’s a boss who really hard to defeat, for example every bosses in Dark Soul game. But other than that game, there’s another game who have a freaking difficulty when battling with first bosses. Want to know ?

First is Cleric Beast form Bloodborne game. In this game, you will play as a hunter who hunt down the demon. When you play in stage one, you will meet a Cleric Beast. This monster is not a main boss, but many player take the wrong line and must fight this boss. When fighting with Cleric Beast, you movement is very limited. You need to be carefull about his tail sweep ! He can kill you in one hit.

The second one is Murai from Ninja Gaiden game. Before meet Murai, you just have 30 minutes to learn about Ninja Gaiden basic move. This mini boss look like a real boss. Seriously ! He will drain your HP bar so fast. Be carefull to not be wrecked by Murai.

The third one is Crypt of the Necrodancer. This game is so popular back in time. When meet the first boss, you need to follow the dance of the boss. If you take the wrong move, you will die instantly. So you need to watch carefully about the dancing zombies.

The First Fortnite International Tournament Held By ESL

For the first time ESL will hold a Fortnite tournament. The tournament will be held in conjunction with the flagship event, the Intel Extreme Master Katowice 2019 along with two other competitive games Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Starcraft II.

The Fortnite tournament is titled ESL Katowice Royale and will take place in two weeks. The first week starts from February 23-24 while the second week is on March 1-3. For the first week the competition tends to be for players from the Polish region who will fight for a total prize of $ 100,000 USD and the winner will continue to the second week along with other pro playes from around the world to fight for a total prize of $ 500,000 USD

In addition to the pro players and influencers from Poland, approximately 100 of the best people, 100 other best people also participated from various parts of the world to fight for the total prize of half a million dollars. Here’s a list of names of players who will compete in this duo fashion tournament.

With the presence of the first Fortnite international tournament, ESL also gave a statement regarding the event.

What do you think brott? Are you one of those who are looking forward to this international level competition for Fortnite?

Dendi And Mushi Officially Joined Tigers

Since the departure of InYourDream and Ahjit; The Dota 2 Tigers e-sport team that won Dream League Season 10, rushed to find a replacement for both of them. They decided to recruit 2 veteran Dota 2 players namely; Mushi and Dendi. The Tigers include a new team for corn, but have made their names in the Dota 2 tournament. Hoping that the entry of these two seasoned players will be able to shine.

As they announced to Tigers Fanspage on Facebook on January 20th. The official Tigers recruited Mushi, a veteran player who had so much experience in the Dota tournament 2. Filled in the carry position vacancies left by Ahjit, and undoubtedly Mushi was able to become a powerful substitute for the Tigers team.

And within 2 days, the Tigers also recruited players who had very mature experiences, Dendi. Danil “Dendi” Ishutin, who won the First International. To fill the vacancy in the mid position left by InYourDream. This very friendly player officially joined Tiger on January 22 yesterday.

The Tigers hoped that both Mushi and Dendi players who had been rivals for a long time and had a mountain of experience, were able to become new movers who could bring the Tigers to compete with other teams, continue to grow and win even bigger tournaments.

All About Anti Mage In Dota 2

Anti Mage is the most popular agility type hero in Dota 2. He also become a favourite hero of Miracle. His high agility and low base attack time giving him advantage for killing enemy hero and creeps. Not only that, he also can survive so easyly with Blink skill.

For harassing enemy, specially caster type hero, Anti Mage have Mana Break skill. With this passive skill, Anti Mage can burn enemy mana pool. For each attack, Anti Mage will burn 64 mana and burned mana will giving extra damage to enemy unit. ( This skill work on illusions too ).

For chasing or running from enemy unit, Anti Mage can use Blink. With this skill, Anti Mage can teleport to the specific location. Anti Mage also can enter and out combat with this skill. For your info, Blink also disjoint every projectile coming to Anti Mage when casted.

As a Anti Mage, he also have a spell shield who can give him extra resistance to magic. Magic resistance bonus up to 50%. Amazing right ? ( Can be upgrade with aghanim scepter causing the spell casted to him will be blocked and reflected to the caster ).

His ultimate skill is Mana Void. This skill is a big bomb to every magic caster in Dota 2. The more manapool you have, the more damage output will be taken. This skill depends on how many mana loss. Damage per missing mana is 1.1.

Metro Exodus Doesn’t Have Side-Quest, Fully Focused on Story Mission

Metro Exodus is the closing game of the FPS Metro 2033 trilogy from 4A Games. Unlike the previous two games which focus on linear exploration, most of which are in the underground train station, Metro Exodus is more outside the station.

The most striking difference in this third game is the more open level design but not as open-world. The map scale may be said to be the same as that of the STALKER franchise or Dragon Age where the game has a large map design but is limited by several loading screen transitions at the end of the level.

The most striking difference in this third game is the more open level design but not as open-world. The map scale may be said to be the same as that of the STALKER franchise or Dragon Age where the game has a large map design but is limited by several loading screen transitions at the end of the level.

With the design of this new map, fans are wondering whether the game will be equipped with side-quests to take advantage of map openness in this game. Unfortunately this is denied by the developer.

Reporting from Gamewatcher, Metro Exodus won’t have side-quests at all. The only mission Artyom faces is only a story mission. The game still has a collection of side activities to do in this big map, but you will fully focus on your primary mission, maybe some of them have certain side-objectives but it still becomes a unit with the main mission. It can be said to be the same as objective optional turning on radio signals in Metro 2033. You don’t get any physical rewards like weapons or supplies from doing this, only positive responses from NPCs and moral points that will change the ending of the game.

Axe – The Executor in Dota 2 History

Axe the Mogul Khan is the melee tanker hero with STR primary attribute. He is a very though tanker. Axe can be played in offlane, safelane or jungle. He also can giving a high pressure to melee enemy hero.

His first skill is Berserker Call. With this skill, Axe will taunting enemy around him and focusing to hitting him. With this skill, Axe can be a good initiator with Blink Dagger item. When using this skill, Axe will gain bonus armor so dramatically.

His second skill is Battle Hunger. Axe will burn enemy and force them to kill any unit. If enemy did not kill an unit, this skill will last longer. If enemy success killing an unit, this skill will automatically stop. This skill is very annoying in early game. When using this skill, Axe will gain extra movement speed.

His third skill is Counter Helix. With this skill, Axe have a percentage to hit back with his giant axe. This skill is phsycal damage skill. So any magic immune skill or item can’t block this skill.

His ultimate skill is Culling Blade. Enemy under 650 HP will be instant kill ! This skill is the most frightening skill from Axe. So if you fight against Axe, make sure your HP is not below 650 point.

New Spell In Mobile Legends

On patch 1.3.44 released on Tuesday yesterday there were some changes that occurred in the mobile legend. However, due to the patch there is a new hero released, namely Badang who is a hero from Malaysia, most people are more fixated on it. Though there are some fundamental changes that can change your gameplay. Starting from the health bar in the Tower and Jungle monsters to the spell changes that will be discussed this time.

Some time ago, there was a spell named Weenen on Mobile Legend. The effect of this weaken is to reduce the enemy’s movement speed by 70% and reduce the attack and magic power from the enemy as a whole by 50%. Unfortunately the skill was eliminated in season 9. Even though the spell can be used as a way to fight other fighters that are quite frustrating, and enough people use the spell to kill other heroes who have a higher level.

Many people protested when the spell was completely removed in Mobile Legend. Even though Weaken is one of the spells that has the lowest cooldown and is very useful in 1 vs 1 match. Well, fortunately Moonton answered the players’ composition by reworking one of the spells they had, namely, Scout. In the patch that was updated just before, now Scout in rework is a combination of Weaken and Scout. The combination presents one of the new Mobile legend spells called “Nowhere to Hide”

Explanation of the spell skill is quite easy, the player who uses it will take out a chicks named harper who will look for your closest enemy. Makes you barely able to be gank by other enemies. And if you find it, the harper will stick towards the enemy and reduce the movement speed, attack and magic power from the enemy that is attached to it by 70% movement speed, and 50% attack and magic power from the enemy that he affixed.

All You Need To Know About Shadow Fiend In Dota 2

Shadow Fiend or Nevermore is a ranged hero with AGI primary attribute. His speciality in on bursting damage for varying distance. Shadow Fiend can inflict damage from far nor near. Not only magical damage but also phsycal damage too.

The true power of Shadow Fiend is his power to steal soul and make them into his strengh. After taking maximum soul, he can release that soul with his ultimate, dont ever ask about the damage output from his ultimate !

His first ability is Shadowraze. This skill have 3 different range, first range is 200, the second one is 450 and the third one is 700. If u hit the enemy with this skill continiously, it will inflict extra damage on enemy.

His second ability is Necromastery. This ability give him a capability to steal soul form dead enemy. For 1 soul he take, Shadowfiend will gain 2 attack damage ( 4 with talent tree ). Maximum gained souls is 36 soul ( 46 with Aghanim Scepter ).

His third ability is Presence of the Dark Lord. This aura giving enemy armor reduction if stay near him. Enemy will lose 6 point of their armor.

And his ultimate skill is Requiem of Souls. Shadowfiend will release his collected souls. More souls means more damage. With Blink Dagger and Euls Scepter, Shadowfiend kan instan kill the enemy, excluding tank hero.

Battle Royale Mode Red Dead Redemption 2 “Gun Rush Mode” Officially Released!

Formulated through reliable Rockstar talents, Red Dead Redemption 2 is capable of being an extraordinary masterpiece. The wild west-themed game is even capable of being the highest rated game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

At its peak, Rockstar is still improving Red Dead Redemption 2 to appear more perfect, especially in its online mode. This time Rockstar has fulfilled their promise by releasing a mode long awaited by the players, namely the battle royale mode. The nickname Gun Rush Mode holds 32 players directly, individually or in teams to kill each other, until there is only one person or team that survives.

The update is now available and can be downloaded for free, Rockstar plans to also extend the beta period in the next few months before Red Dead Online is truly mature. They also plan to throw another row of updates with a variety of new content & improvements that include:

Added content & new features: Showdown, race, outfit, & new emotes.
Daily Challenges: Daily challanges with rewards
Law and Bounty Upgrades: Players with high crime will be hunted by bounty hunters, or are required to pay to the authorities.
Parley Changes: Improving the parley system that will feel more just, revenge can also be done fairly through competition.
Proximity-Based Player Blips: The player’s location will be detected immediately at close range, players with high crime will have special marks.
How? interested in enjoying Red Dead Online which is increasingly “solid”?

GTA 6 Need To Learn From Red Dead Redemption

We can think of Red Dead Redemption 2 as a successful game that might be able to beat the total sales of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) later. With solid stories and gameplay mechanisms that make us forget about activities in the real world, it is appropriate if Red Dead Redemption 2 is praised.

The success of the game then raises many questions and one of them is whether the quality of Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) will be like Red Dead? The question is very reasonable, asked especially in the past, GTA V was quite successful and anticipated.

Even the GTA V game on all platforms is selling well. To be able to answer this, of course there are many lessons that can be taken by GTA 6 from Red Dead Redemption 2. What are some?

Red Dead Redemption 2 initially got a review of his rather slow game. Indeed, at the beginning of the game, the storyline presented seemed very slow. This slow impression is more complete when the features available in this game are also slow.

Skinning an animal will take several seconds. But don’t worry, all these features can be flipped and accelerated so that the game is a little faster and not boring.

The choice of game method is really implemented openly in this game. When the GTA 6 project is done, it feels like Rockstar can learn a lot from what is in the second Red Dead Redemption. Although the game background is urban, but of course Rockstar can make gamers get a lot of choices.

The choice of three protagonists in GTA V a few years ago must be admitted to be very intelligent. The issue finally surfaced that the second Red Dead Redemption would also be strengthened with multiprotagonists. But the truth is not, because we will only be treated to one protagonist named Arthur Morgan.

A wave of disappointment surfaced and even so, the single protagonist became the right choice! Single characters present a better depth of story and hit the heart. In the future, GTA 6 will also be better if it only has a single protagonist whose character is very deep, of course.

The director of Assassin ‘Creed Origin Wants to Make the Iron Man Game

The superhero adaptation game has experienced ups and downs, although some of them can indeed perform brilliantly, call it Marvel Spiderman of Insomniac, Injustice owned by NetherRealm Studios, and of course Rocksteady’s Arkham Batman.

In 2019 this is actually a bit promising with the presence of Square Enix’s Avengers who unfortunately still do not have any development of information until now and Rocksteady is actually going to announce their new superhero game project, but unfortunately there is no development.

In the midst of uncertainty about the account UbiCentral reportedly asked questions via his Twitter account “If Ubisoft has the opportunity, which Marvel / DC character would you like to make the game for?” Assassin’s Creed Director Origin – Ashraf Ismail gave a signal that he wanted to make an adaptation game from Iron Man .

This is indeed just a short answer which certainly has no certainty. But of course we can hope that from Ashraf’s actions that have succeeded in making one of the best series of Assassin Creed through Origins can pour his vision and creativity in bringing the iron man into an open world video game.

Zombie Mode Finally Released In COD Black Ops

Fans of shooter games are familiar with Call of Duty. This game is indeed very popular among PC gamers and consoles since 2006 with the title Call of Duty 3 in various internet cafes.

Then, the Black Ops series appeared in 2010 developed by Treyarch. This series immediately gives a positive impression to the fans as well as new Call of Duty players because the gameplay is “fresh”!

Teamwork, weapon selection and roles, and tactical movements have a big influence in multiplayer mode. No wonder if Activision trusted Treyarch again to develop its fourth series, namely Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

In addition to the single player, of course Activision and Treyarch did not forget (even the main ones) embed Multiplayer and Zombies modes

But not only that, on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Treyarch bravely introduces Battle Royale mode called Blackout.

Do you like zombie games like Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil? Now you can play zombie-themed games in Zombies mode on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Now there are 3 episodes in Zombies mode namely Voyage of Despair (where you will eradicate zombies on the Titanic), IX (eradicate zombies in the middle of the gladiator arena), and gripping Blood of the Dead.

This mode also introduces 4 characters, namely Bruno, Diego, Scarlett, and Shaw, each of which has its own story.

Kikyou Is Present As a Marksman in Onmyouji Arena

After collaborating a few months ago with one of the Inuyasha anime that was quite popular in the 2000s. The collaboration presents 2 main characters of the anime, Inuyasha and Sheshomaru. Both of these characters are very OP in the game, so the onmyoji arena players often ban the two heroes in ranked matches. Well, the unique thing is, this Onmyoji arena will collaborate with the same anime for the 3rd time, and produce one of the female protagonists in this game.

Kikyo is one of the female protagonists in the anime. Kikyo will be present in the game as one of the Marksman type shikigami with 3 skills along with 1 passive. The 1st skill is damage skill that can be used to give more damage to the enemy. Skill 2 is a control skill that can be given to Knockback enemies, and the ultimate skill that can be used to deal more damage and stun enemies.

Uniquely, the ultimate skill from Kikyo when raised, can upgrade other skills from Kikyo as a whole. For example, Skill 2 from kikyo will be larger in the knock back range, or skill 1 from kikyo will become a penetration skill with greater damage.

This Crossover event will soon be launched by NetEase in the near future, so you can use Kikyo as one of the marksman in the Onmyoji Arena game. It is reported that Kikyo will be a limited event character. So if you want to get Kikyo, then you have to take part in the event.

Kikyo himself is a manga character created by Rumiko Takahashi, who tells of a high school girl named Kagome, who had to be thrown into the Sengoku era after falling into a well. Of course this is a good news for Inuyasha fans because through this Onmyoji Arena game they can reminisce with the anime that has been played on this Indonesian self-service TV station. Duuuh can’t wait to see Kikyo in action !!

Vikendi Has Been Officially Present For PUBG Mobile!

One of the most anticipated things has finally arrived, through the update 0.10.0, the latest snow map for PUBG – Vikendi has finally been officially released. Not only for the PC version, but also for the mobile version, there are many new lines offered by this new map.

Vikendi himself is a vast plain measuring 6km x 6km covered with snow, of course this will give a different sensation to the players. The new content offered in this map certainly feels very diverse, and the following is a line of new things that are present in Vikendi’s folder:

New weather additions: Snow

Vikendi’s exclusive vehicle: Snowmobile
Snowball War added on Vikendi Spawn Island.

Add a snow theme in the main menu view. Bell collection from all Classic modes and exchange for prizes at the event center.

Add Arabic support.

Add cross-server matchmaking. Once activated, players have the opportunity to meet other players who have the same tier from other servers.

The player who repeatedly matches when the match takes place will be banned from the find match for a while.

Players can now report strange things when they become spectators after death.
Add a layout for players with large hand sizes.

Add tags to items with quality, categories, and background information.
The best game results in the Crew Challenge will now appear on the Crew page and can be shared with other players.

Players can now collect all daily mission awards directly.
New commands added in Quick Chat.

Add a Firearms Finish upgrade system, where players can use material in the lab to upgrade multiple weapons and add effects such as kill effects, unique kill broadcasts, and different coffin appearances.

Add Lucky Treasure, a feature that gives players the chance to get Glacier weapon upgrade material – M416 when completing daily missions.

Adding Season Spending Rewards. Spend different amounts to get amazing prizes and discounts for firearm finishes.

Add a feature in the backpack to show items that cannot be taken when clicked.
Other reshuffle:

Players no longer need to choose a second language for matchmaking and chat.
The chat system takes up less memory and is able to store more messages.
The store front page has been set to emphasize the theme of each major update.