Axe – The Executor in Dota 2 History

Axe the Mogul Khan is the melee tanker hero with STR primary attribute. He is a very though tanker. Axe can be played in offlane, safelane or jungle. He also can giving a high pressure to melee enemy hero.

His first skill is Berserker Call. With this skill, Axe will taunting enemy around him and focusing to hitting him. With this skill, Axe can be a good initiator with Blink Dagger item. When using this skill, Axe will gain bonus armor so dramatically.

His second skill is Battle Hunger. Axe will burn enemy and force them to kill any unit. If enemy did not kill an unit, this skill will last longer. If enemy success killing an unit, this skill will automatically stop. This skill is very annoying in early game. When using this skill, Axe will gain extra movement speed.

His third skill is Counter Helix. With this skill, Axe have a percentage to hit back with his giant axe. This skill is phsycal damage skill. So any magic immune skill or item can’t block this skill.

His ultimate skill is Culling Blade. Enemy under 650 HP will be instant kill ! This skill is the most frightening skill from Axe. So if you fight against Axe, make sure your HP is not below 650 point.