Devotion, Taiwanese Horror Game Based on True Story

With the rise of horror games announced recently such as the nation’s game titled Pamali for example, and now Red Candle Games as a Taiwanese developer who once made the Detention horror game also exhibited his newest game entitled Devotion.

Maybe Detention is one of the games that I didn’t expect when the game came out in 2017. This game is based on a true story from the history of martial law called the White Terror from Taiwan, and this game tells of a school girl exploring a school full of terror.

This time the Red Candle Games will raise the true story that happened in the 80s as a setting in the Devotion game. Tells a family that lives in an old apartment, where in their daily lives their lives are full of excitement and they are full of havoc.

This game tell about Taiwanese myth called Cigu Guanyin, like god creature whom can fulfill hope but you need to payback after your wish became true.

There is no further information regarding the release or platform that will be addressed by this game. But if you look at the previous game’s report, it’s likely that Devotion will go to the PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. You can check the Red Candle Games website for more information.


Collaborating Between Mobile Legend And SNK, Is That Possible ?

Mobile legends a few months ago had made a survey about them planning to collaborate with one of the SNK Game Franchises, the legendary Fighting King Of Fighter. To make this happen, they made a survey where the players were given a survey link that contained several questions such as whether you knew about King Of Fighter, and who your favorite characters were in the game, after a few months later they seemed to be preparing to make an event that maybe soon to be released.

According to the information we get from an account that often informs various leaks or leaks about Mobile Legend, one of these events is an KoF Bingo Event. This event itself is an event where you complete the mission to get an attractive prize, if according to the bingo card event held some time ago, this event might have a skin prize that might be a skin of King Of Fighter characters or even one of the Character of the wrong one such game.

If later this event will be released, this is the first time Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends will collaborate with other games and will be a very interesting event and you should wait, but it is uncertain when this event will be released considering this is a Moonton leak itself has not provided an official information so we just wait.

Longest Attack Range In Dota 2 – Sniper

Sniper is a ranged agility hero in Dota 2 who have the longest attack range. He also have capability to dealing moderate to have damage to enemy unit. But Sniper have one weakness, he don’t have any escape mecanism, so enemy hero can kill him so easily if no backup from teammates.

His first skill is Shrapnel. This skill have three charge, so when you use this skill, you will consume one charge. Sniper will launch a small bomb that shower the target area. When enemy stand inside the burning mark, they will receive magical damage and slow effect.

As a Sniper, he also have headshot skill. This skill is a passive skill. Everytime Sniper hit an enemy, there is a precentage to give slow effect and extra phsycal damage. This skill also pierce spell immunity. This skill can give knock back effect if you up the tree talent.

His third skill is Take Aim. This skill improve attack range of Sniper. With this skill and Dragon Lance item combination, Sniper will have a very far distance attack. So enemy will be hard to come close to Sniper.

The ultimate skill of Sniper is Assasinate. Sniper will enter the Sniping mode and shot 1 deadly bullet to enemy. This skill can be used from very far distance. Assasinate will be a good finishing to chase enemy hero who run out HP.

New Line Game: Brown Stories : The Legends of Mythos!”

Besides Whats apps, one of the most frequently used chat media in the world is Line. Besides being a great collection of stickers, people use the Line because they have many games that can be played from the chat application.

Starting from Get Rich, Line Ranger, Disney Tsum Tsum and so on, this time line made the latest game innovation, Line Brown Stories: The Legends of Mythos

Brown stories is a strategic tower defense game where players will play some funny line characters starting from Cony, Sally, Brown, James, Jessica and of course Moon. Where players are required to protect your base from enemy attacks that come and destroy the enemy base using these characters.

Each character has their own star grade which indicates their level of ability, their specific skills, accompanied by their level. Uniquely, this game you can play together with your friends with 2 or 3 in real time, not using a computer.

Join the adventure with Brown and his friends in the game “Brown Stories: The Legend of Mythos” which you can download on the Google Play Store!N

Boss of the Ocean, Vell Invasion In Black Desert Online

Not only the boss on the mainland, Black Desert Online SEA apparently also keeps many bosses on the vast expanse of the ocean. One of them is Vell who will mess up the contents of the ocean and your ship if you sail near it.

Pearl Abyss SEA announces that starting today the boss of the ocean, Vell officially invaded Black Desert Online SEA and will appear every Sunday at 16:00. He will have a super large damage attack with the crocodile’s mouth and the tentacles he has, you can defeat him in any way, including shooting him with a cannon for the sake of getting an exclusive drop.

Besides Vell, two other events have also been prepared by the Pearl Abyss. From February 20 to March 6, you will be able to complete the quest to defeat Vell and get Enhancement Help Kit I and the opportunity to get other loots such as Vell’s Concentrated Magic, and 1,000 Gold Bars. Six lucky players will get Da-Dum-Da-Dum Diving Suit Set Box or Splat Fisher’s Clothes Set. Pearl Abyss also provides additional in-game rewards from 6:00 to 00:00 every Monday to help you grinding.

Shadow Arena: Battle Royale’s special mission will also be accessible 7 days before its release on February 27th. The mission will be available every day before the mode is released. Finishing it will reward you Golden Dagger, while if you complete more than 10 times, you will get Fine Accessory Box II.

Black Desert Online SEA can now be played in Southeast Asia including Indonesia exclusively only for PCs. You can follow the news more fully about the game on their official website.

Blacklight Retribution Will Closed On Next March

Hardsuit Labs recently announced that their free-to-play online shooter game titled Blacklight: Retribution will be closed next March.

This was conveyed directly by the developer through his Steam page, where they also explained that they stopped official support for the futuristic theme game, because almost all Hardsuit Labs teams were focused on a new project.

Along with this, the developer will not present a new patch or update in the future. In fact, they also completed technical assistance for the Blacklight Retributon when this news was written.

For information, Blacklight: Retribution has been present since 2011 for PCs and later became one of the first free-to-play games on the PS4 console in 2013. The developer regularly presents updates and interesting events, and the game itself gets a response quite positive from the players.

And since February 9, all items available in the Store on the PC platform can be obtained free of charge, while the PS4 version will continue to run as usual because there is no host server on that platform.

You can play Blacklight Retribution on PC and PS4 platforms. You who are interested in trying it can visit their website. But the server will be officially closed on March 11, 2019.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Released For Switch Console

Who doesn’t know famous characters, Mario. Children of the 90s generation must have known this character with the famous Mario Kart racing game. Mario Kart first appeared in 1992 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System console.

The last Mario Kart game created was Mario Kart 8 in 2014, which was launched for the Wii U console and has successfully sold 100 million copies worldwide. But Nintendo doesn’t just stop here in Mario Kart game development. Nintendo then released the latest Mario Kart series, namely Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was launched for the Nintendo Switch console. Where a Nintendo switch is a console whose joy-con (joy stick) can be removed from a device such as a screen that can be played wirelessly and can be connected to a TV with an HDMI connection.

In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, all characters that are ready to play are available. It’s just that we need to play it to be able to unlock the car for each character. In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, there are funny character characters like Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy and Baby Rosalina. The appearance of this character is quite interesting for Mario Kart lovers.

Well, if you want to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, you have to prepare your money =p, of course to buy the Nintendo Switch console and also the game card to play Mario Kart.

3 Best Support In Dota 2

Support is crucial role in Dota 2. There is a quotes which say behind the good carry, there is a good support. Yeah, this quotes is right ! You can see, in every good team or pro team in Dota 2 history, there is always a good support who can baby sitting his carry and do a whole thing alone !

But there is lack of player who want to play this role. As we know, support is very hard to play. We must give all space for our carry but also need to buy some item and need to provide a team vision like buying wards or dewarding. Not only that, as a support, you need to sacrificing your life if your carry or midlaner is in danger, bored right ?

But for you who want to play support, there is 3 best hero for you:

Number one is Crystal Maiden. This hero is queen of support. He have dissable skill, AoE skills and have a regeneration aura for teammates. Her ultimate skill, Freezing Field can inflict a high damage to enemy in large area.

Number two is Rubick. Same as Crystal Maiden, Rubick is also a very good support. He have a disable skill and can steal enemy skill. He also have a magic resistance aura for his teammates.

Number three is Winter Wyvern. This hero is not a killing type hero, but this hero have a good crowd control skill. His second skill can inflict magic damage also slowdown the enemy. Winter Wyvern also be a good healer with his third skill. For clashing, Winter Wyvern will release his Winter Curse, so the enemy unit will attack any targeted unit. Good right ?

Pudge The Butcher ! Chop Chop Chop !

Pudge The Butcher is the most popular hero on Dota 2. Pudge is a melee STR hero who has incredible ganking power. But it’s not easy to play Pudge, the difficulty of his hook is the main problem. But when you mastered this hero, you will easily kill enemy hero.

His first skill is Meat Hook. Pudge will use his chain hook to catch the enemy. This skill have a good range, so you can hook enemy unit when hiding in FOG. This skill inflict phsycal damage, so even you have magic immune, you will still take the damage. This skill can be upgraded by Aghanim Scepter.

His second skill is Rot. Pudge will spread a toxic cloud. Enemy around him will take magical damage. But Pudge also will harming himself when activating this skill. This skill also give slow effect to enemy.

His third skill is Fesh Heap. This skill giving an extra magical resistance to Pudge. Every time Pudge kill an enemy, he will gain 2.5 point of STR. This skill is retroactive skill, so even you didn’t skilled, you will still get the STR when you up this skill.

His ultimate skill is Dismember. When using it, Pudge will say FRESH MEAT. This is disable skill. When activated this skill, Pudge will grap the enemy and chows down the enemy. Pudge also steal HP from enemy when using it. The damage depends on your STR poin.

Reza Arap Will Fired 1 WAW Member (AoV Division)

WAW esports itself has many divisions, one of which is the AOV Game (Arena of Valor), WAW esports won the ANC season 2 title which is held routinely every year by Garena AOV Indonesia as the Semi-Pro team towards the Pro level which ends will compete on ASL (AOV Star League) which is the highest level in the AOV competition in Indonesia.

But the team containing top ASL class players such as Ahmad, Mumuy and Taxtstump and managed to advance to the ESL group stage seemed to experience a difficult period because they had experienced a number of defeats which were considered a surprise to many behind the slick composition of this team.

Expectations may be different from reality, Reza Arap seems disappointed with the performance of his children in the ESL event because he hasn’t shown a positive trend so far, so Arap directly revealed his frustration on his personal Twitter as shown below:

Arap said about the ‘Attitude’ issue in this case, where Arap plans to fire one member of his AOV division thanks to this.

Not yet knowing who Reza Arap means, and the clarity about this matter has not yet been revealed in the public, maybe in the near future there will be a release regarding the clarity of related news.

Nintedo Will Colaborating With Line For Making Dr Mario World

After recently Nintendo announced that it would release Mario Kart to mobile devices (Android, iOS) they also did not want to leave the other Mario franchises, like Dr. Mario World.

For information, if you don’t know what Dr. Mario, this game is a 1990 release carrying the puzzle genre. In this game you are assigned to eradicate the virus by matching the colors of the capsules in the game. Quite simple indeed, but at the time this game was very interesting to play.

Now Dr. Mario will be adapted into a mobile game, not playing Nintendo is also working with chat-based application developers from Japan, namely Line. With this collaboration, it is possible for Dr. Mario World will present social features that might be able to integrate friends on the Line to play together in this game. But both Nintendo and Line still haven’t revealed what Dr. This Mario World.

Until now they are only planning related to the release schedule which will fall at the beginning of summer this year. Dr. Mario World will be released directly in 60 countries and regions, including Japan and the United States. Hopefully Indonesia will be included in the list of countries to release this game. While waiting maybe we can play the game from Nintendo which was released on the previous smartphone namely Super Mario Run.

You Must Know Every Role In PUBG Mobile

Are you really understand about your role in PUBG Mobile ? Not only MOBA game who have role, battle royale game like PUBG Mobile also have some role. This role is really important, that’s why you must know about your role to get chicken dinner.

Role number one is marksman. For a marksman player, he must good at using assault or SMG weapon. Markman speciality is mid range combat. It’s like second tier defender. Killing enemy is a must for marksman. Usually marksman will covering sniper player who can’t finishing their job.

Role number two is sniper. As we know, sniper is a silent killer. They must kill enemy from far away and can’t be detected by enemy. But play as a sniper is not easy. You must kill enemy with 1 shot, it’s hard right ? When sniper can’t do their job, marksman will take cover and kill the enemy for team.

The third one is Flex. This role is hard to play in PUBG Mobile. Flex is a support in battle royale game. Only the strongest can play this role. They must bring many ammo and medi kit for helping the other. SMG is the best weapon for Flex.

Fourth is Breacher. This role is very usefull in team. Usually, for breacher role, he will be the frontline. This role is very hard to play, same like Flex. But when you have this role in your team, your win rate with increase dramatically.

Mario Kart’s “Mobile” Version Will Be Late For Release

The mobile game market is the prima donna of developers to release their release games. Many developers have indeed jumped from the start in the industry but there are also big developers who have previously worked on various platforms or even exclusively on their own platforms and are now starting to look at the mobile game industry. This is what might make Nintendo decide to do the same thing with the release of the Mario Kart franchise on the smartphone / smartphone platform.

Nintendo-style Game CTR is indeed very much loved by Nintendo fans. In almost every generation of Nintendo’s consoles, fun racing games both played alone and with friends are always present. But over time and the development of markets and technology, Nintendo was finally tempted by the release of the title Mario Kart Tour, a spin-off from Mario Kart which will be released for smartphones.

Actually, they have announced that the Mario Kart Tour has been scheduled and will be released at the end of March. However, through its official Twitter account, Nintendo is delaying the release of the mobile game until the summer with reasons to improve the quality and expand its service content.

Plunging into the mobile game industry is not the first time for Nintendo, they have also released several previous mobile games such as Miitomo (2016), Super Mario Run (2016), Fire Emblem Heroes (2017), Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (2017) and Dragalia Lost (2018). Some of these mobile games are not all available in the territory of Indonesia, only Super Mario Run is available in the application market, both Google PlayStore and Apple Appstore.