3 Best Support In Dota 2

3 Best Support In Dota 2

Support is crucial role in Dota 2. There is a quotes which say behind the good carry, there is a good support. Yeah, this quotes is right ! You can see, in every good team or pro team in Dota 2 history, there is always a good support who can baby sitting his carry and do a whole thing alone !

But there is lack of player who want to play this role. As we know, support is very hard to play. We must give all space for our carry but also need to buy some item and need to provide a team vision like buying wards or dewarding. Not only that, as a support, you need to sacrificing your life if your carry or midlaner is in danger, bored right ?

But for you who want to play support, there is 3 best hero for you:

Number one is Crystal Maiden. This hero is queen of support. He have dissable skill, AoE skills and have a regeneration aura for teammates. Her ultimate skill, Freezing Field can inflict a high damage to enemy in large area.

Number two is Rubick. Same as Crystal Maiden, Rubick is also a very good support. He have a disable skill and can steal enemy skill. He also have a magic resistance aura for his teammates.

Number three is Winter Wyvern. This hero is not a killing type hero, but this hero have a good crowd control skill. His second skill can inflict magic damage also slowdown the enemy. Winter Wyvern also be a good healer with his third skill. For clashing, Winter Wyvern will release his Winter Curse, so the enemy unit will attack any targeted unit. Good right ?