Pudge The Butcher ! Chop Chop Chop !

Pudge The Butcher ! Chop Chop Chop !

Pudge The Butcher is the most popular hero on Dota 2. Pudge is a melee STR hero who has incredible ganking power. But it’s not easy to play Pudge, the difficulty of his hook is the main problem. But when you mastered this hero, you will easily kill enemy hero.

His first skill is Meat Hook. Pudge will use his chain hook to catch the enemy. This skill have a good range, so you can hook enemy unit when hiding in FOG. This skill inflict phsycal damage, so even you have magic immune, you will still take the damage. This skill can be upgraded by Aghanim Scepter.

His second skill is Rot. Pudge will spread a toxic cloud. Enemy around him will take magical damage. But Pudge also will harming himself when activating this skill. This skill also give slow effect to enemy.

His third skill is Fesh Heap. This skill giving an extra magical resistance to Pudge. Every time Pudge kill an enemy, he will gain 2.5 point of STR. This skill is retroactive skill, so even you didn’t skilled, you will still get the STR when you up this skill.

His ultimate skill is Dismember. When using it, Pudge will say FRESH MEAT. This is disable skill. When activated this skill, Pudge will grap the enemy and chows down the enemy. Pudge also steal HP from enemy when using it. The damage depends on your STR poin.