Best Build For Shadow Shaman

Shadow Shaman is a support hero who can act as a lane pusher. In addition Shadow Shaman also has disable skills that are very effective for ganking. Behind all the advantages he has, there are some very important shortcomings, one of which is the lack of HP he has and also the speed of the movement is very slow. Therefore the selection of items when playing determines the effectiveness of Shadow Shaman.

For items that must be purchased first by this hero are boots, but if you have enough gold at the beginning of the game, you can buy Arcane Boots which can give additional Mana to the teammates that are near you.

The next item that you can make is Eul Scepter. This item can maximize your capabilities as a ganker. With this item, you can also lock down enemy units in your snake summon. Enemies who cannot get out of confinement can be easily executed.

Entering mid game, you can buy Aghanim Scepter. This item can give your ultimate boost so that attacks from your snake summon will increase significantly. Besides that, you can combine it with Blink Dagger. This item can help you in and out in the clash war easily.

If you already have enough gold, the main item that must be purchased is Refresher Orb. This item can restore the ongoing cooldown so you can use your ultimate skill twice.

Games Will Be Released Mid 2019

Entering mid-2019, there have been many games that have been released before. Game developers do seem to be competing in releasing their latest games, many interesting games will be released in mid-2019, do you know what games will be released?

The first game is Monster Hunter World. Who is trying to not know this one game? This game is very popular among console and PC gamers. This game requires you to surround a very wide world map. There you will meet a lot of monsters. Unlike the game in general, this game cannot be finished, your goal is to eradicate all the monsters that exist. Every part of the monster’s body that you need can you use to make armor. This game will carry an open world system so you can play with other players online.

The second game is Crackdown. This game is a game created by Microsoft. This game only provides single player mode. Even so, there are many interesting features that you can find in this game. This game is an action genre and is eagerly awaited by game lovers.

The third game is Anthem. Game developers who make this game are EA. The developer himself is a developer who is already very famous in the world of gaming world. This game has a very neat and cool visual. This game carries a third person shooter system and can be played with friends.

The fourth game is the Sea of Thieves. This game tells about a cruise where you will be a crew member. Here you will help the captain in driving a ship. Elements of humor and freedom are very thick with this game.

Queen Of Pain – Fear My Scream !

In playing the Dota 2 game, there are various heroes that we can use to win the game. In addition to hero selection, players are also required to understand the path mechanism chosen to maximize the ability of the hero. This time we will discuss about Queen Of Pain, the mid laner hero with terrible damage burst capabilities.

Queen Of Pain is an intelligent type hero with attack range type. It becomes a very effective hero to take down enemies quickly. Of course, this is because the QoP has a skill mechanism that provides great damage and effective in and out combat capabilities.

QoP’s farming skill is Shadow Strike. This skill will damage your opponent over time. Over time damage itself means damage per second, where opponents affected by the poisoned dagger belonging to QoP will get damage per second and a reduction in movement speed.

For in and out into combat easily, QoP is equipped with Blink skills. This skill allows the QoP to jump in a certain direction quickly. With fast cooldown skills and which usage is small, QoP can easily damage and exit the battle easily.

When Blink towards an enemy, usually QoP will release a skill called Scream of Pain. QoP will emit sound waves that will injure the opponents around it.

The finishing move that QoP will do is to issue a skill called Sonic Wave. This skill is almost similar to his third skill, it’s just that the coverage area is wider and the damage is bigger and pure damage. Pure damage is pure damage that cannot be reduced even though you have purchased a defense item.

Diggie, Time Controller In Mobile Legends

Who doesn’t know this one hero? Diggie is owls that carry wall clocks and have a very cute voice. This one hero despite having a very cute appearance, but she has the ability to control time.

Diggie is a support hero who has many skills with very annoying effects. For example, his first skill. Diggie will throw a time bomb that can be detonated according to Diggie’s wishes. Besides having enormous magic damage, this skill also has a wide range and has a slow effect.

Diggie is also equipped with skills to pull enemies back. Diggie’s second skill can draw back enemies that have been targeted. As far as any running enemy will be pulled back to the starting point by Diggie. This skill is very effective for ganking or backup.

Diggie’s passive skill also made him unable to die. When he is killed by an opponent, he will turn into an egg that has eyes and feet. He will continue to chase opponents while releasing smoke which causes very little damage. But in this mode, it has a high motion speed and can continue to stalk the opponent’s hero. Even opposing heroes who want to carry out a recall will also not be able to because they continue to receive damage from the smoke they emit.

For the ultimate skill, it is a skill that buffs team members. As long as the duration of this skill is active, Diggie will have an immunity effect on all types of crowd control skills issued by the opponent. As long as this skill is active, teammates will get additional shields that will reduce the amount of damage received. This hero is the perfect hero to fill the role support on the team.

2 Years Into a Paid Game, Albion Online Is Now Officially Free to Play

Although not many of you might know, this game basically wants to be one of the pioneers of the extent to which the online sandbox game can be explored more immersively. Named Albion Online, the game made by Sandbox Interactive wants to invite its players to try out an experience as an individual who has to take care of a lot of things in order to survive or achieve a goal until the status is truly proud.

It has long been present since last July 2017, Albion Online was originally deliberately presented as a game that requires you to pay first before playing it. However, in 2019, Sandbox Interactive would like to try something new by opening the access of this game openly to all levels of gamers.

Officially becoming Free to play right on April 10, you will all have the opportunity to take part in fertilizing the world of Albion Online. In this game, you will be ready to act as an individual who is not only responsible for fighting and crafting your best weapon, you are truly given the freedom to live in a medieval fantasy world with a picture of civilization or a story that you can build yourself.

Whether it’s about fighting, adventuring, doing business, farming to building a residence are things that you will often encounter in Albion Online. If interested, without lingering you can immediately immediately enjoy and start downloading this game on the official site or on the Steam platform.

Invoker – The Most Hardest Mage Type Hero In Dota 2

The strongest magic hero predicate doesn’t seem to be released from the name Invoker. Invoker itself is an INT-type hero that is very difficult to master and can even be said to be one of the most difficult heroes to learn in Dota 2 after Meepo and Earth Spirit.

Invoker has an orb element that he can use. The orb element is named Quas which symbolizes water, Wex which symbolizes the wind and Exort which symbolizes fire. To be able to use skills, you must combine 3 types of the orb and combine with the Invoke skill to bring up the skills we want to use.

These three orbs can be leveled up to reach level 7. Each orb will give additional Invoker status. For Quas, Invoker will get additional STR, HP and SP regeneration status. For Wex, Invoker will get the status of AGI, Aspd and Mspd. As for Quas, Invoker will get INT status and attack damage.

Invoker’s capabilities are very flexible and can be used as needed. There are various skills that you can combine through the three orbs. These skills are Meteor, Sun Strike, Alacrity, Cold Snap, Ghost Walk, Tornado, Emp, Summon Spirit, Ice Wall, and Deafening Blast.

To play this hero, you need to learn the basics of these three elements. It’s not easy to learn this one hero. The difficulty does not only come from a combination of difficult skills but also from active items that he must buy, for example, Scythe of Vyse, Black King Bar, Eul and others.

Abbadon – Multiple Role Hero In DOTA 2

For those of you who like to play role tanks / support, Abaddon is certainly familiar to your ears. Abaddon is a Strength type hero who is very difficult to kill. According to the history of Warcraft III, Abaddon is a hero who holds the legendary Frostmourne sword.

Abaddon is often used as a support tanker, even though Abaddon is also suitable to be a carry hero, seeing the skill he has is qualified to become a carry hero.

Abaddon’s first skill was a very good skill to save friends. This skill allows you to heal your friends by sacrificing your own HP. This skill can also be used on your enemies.

The second skill, Apotic Shield is also a very good skill where you can give a shield to friends or yourself. When using this skill, the debuff status of friends will disappear automatically.

As a hero who can play many roles, Abaddon’s third skill is also very supportive, his Frostmourne skill allows Abaddon and his team mates to get additional movement and attack speed when attacking the same target as Abaddon. Of course this skill is very useful when the push tower and clash team.

Abaddon’s Borrowed Time is also very important where you will create a time gate around your body and reject death for a few seconds. When activating this skill, when you receive an attack from your opponent your HP will recover according to the damage you received.

New Character In Mortal Kombat 11

After the new character Mortal Kombat 11 named Cetrion appears before your eyes, the Netherrealm seems to immediately want to hurry back in presenting another character who is also no less new.

By looking like a non-human character through the four hands he has, at a glance this character can remind you of Goro. However, Netherrealms wants to give a quite different touch of concept to the figure who has the name Kollector.

In the trailer, Kollector looks like a thief. He used a lot of tools or weapons that were stored in his back pack to fight. In the description Netherrealm has leaked about this character, it is told that Kollector was a “lackeys” in an Outworld kingdom. He is also indeed known to be very capitalist or merciful in devoting his services there.

With fatality scenes that are a bit similar to Mileena’s fatality at Mortal Kombat X, Kollector’s unique action on Mortal Kombat 11 will soon be available on April 23 on the PC (Steam), PS4, Xbox One and Switch platforms.

Clash of Clans Will Embed the Battle Pass Features In Next Update

Do you still remember the Clash of Clans game? Well, this game that successfully hit the Indonesian market 4 years ago finally got a big update. In the future players will get a new feature in Clash of Clans, namely the Battle Pass Seasonal Challenge where players can complete several given missions to get significant rewards.

In the Battle Pass Seasonal challenge update there will be 2 tiers like the battle pass in general, namely Silver which can be directly used for free, and Gold where players must pay around $ 5 per month to access it.

There will be 15 rewards given starting from Gold, Elixer, Magic items, and Potions that will be given in Silver pass every month. While the Gold Pass will provide more items with more different variations such as 20-30% boost building, research and boosting in training troops. Overall, silver members Clash of Clans can win 5 million gold and elixers and 50k dark elixers, while Gold Clash of Clans members can get up to 25 million gold and elixers and 250k dark elixers that can be used to build and train troops.

And not only that, Buyers of Gold Pass Clash of Clans members can get exclusive skin season every month, and for this month buyers will get Exclusive skin for Barbarian king characters. Well, if you are interested in trying to reminisce with this game. Then please download the game on Google Play or Apple Store iOS.

Fear The Anti Mage ! I’m Blind But Not Deaf !

Anti Mage or formerly known as Magina is a Dota 2 hero with a very terrible ability. This hero is one of the strongest heroes in Dota 2, although Anti Mage is a hero that OP during late game, but at the time of the early game this hero cannot give many contributions to the team.

Anti Mage is the most popular hero late game in Dota 2. Besides having a skilled skill, he is also good at running away.

The large output damage from Anti Mage comes from his first skill. This skill is called Mana Break which is a passive skill. This skill allows Anti Mage to give extra damage to opponents who have which. Not only that, the hero who was hit by Anti Mage will also lose his mana so he cannot use the skill.

Anti Mage is also equipped with excellent survival skills, namely Blink. Just like Blink Dagger, this skill makes Anti Mage able to move locations quickly and escape from enemy chases.

Not only that, Anti Mage is also equipped with a skill called Spell Shield which gives an additional magic reduction of 50%. Just imagine how difficult it is for a magic hero to meet this one hero. In addition, if you buy an Aghanim Scepter item on this hero, the Spell Shield skill will reverse the skill he received to the skill user.

The strongest skill that belongs to Anti Mage is the Mana Void. Damage from Mana Void is obtained from enemy mana pool that has been used up. If the enemy mana pool is exhausted by 1000 points, then the damage that the enemy will receive is 1200. With the combination of Mana Break and Blink skill, of course, this ultimate Mage skill belongs to a very powerful skill to kill the opponent hero.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Finally Available In Steam

Do you still remember the PUBG parody game entitled Totally Accurate Battlegrounds or abbreviated as TABG? The game that had attracted the attention of the masses of Battle Royale lovers has now been blessed with a sister who does not lose making you laugh when played. Titled Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, Landfall as a developer has just released the ridiculous 3D war game on Steam on Early Access.

Even though it is still in Early Access, TABS is quite serious in offering various content such as campaign mode with a total of 50 stages or levels, or a “sandbox” mode that frees you to design all kinds of battles you want. Everything is presented with physics wrapping that has been polished in a more mature and smooth.

The choices of units that you can use are also quite varied, starting from a collection of cave people to medieval warriors from various nations in the world that you can meet as well as explore. Then there are also special units like Mammoth, Minotaur, Winged Valkyrie, and many more.

You can get this game by paying only Rp. 96,000 Steam Wallet. Lets play this game with your friend, this game is fun to play btw ^_^.