Best Build For Shadow Shaman

Best Build For Shadow Shaman

Shadow Shaman is a support hero who can act as a lane pusher. In addition Shadow Shaman also has disable skills that are very effective for ganking. Behind all the advantages he has, there are some very important shortcomings, one of which is the lack of HP he has and also the speed of the movement is very slow. Therefore the selection of items when playing determines the effectiveness of Shadow Shaman.

For items that must be purchased first by this hero are boots, but if you have enough gold at the beginning of the game, you can buy Arcane Boots which can give additional Mana to the teammates that are near you.

The next item that you can make is Eul Scepter. This item can maximize your capabilities as a ganker. With this item, you can also lock down enemy units in your snake summon. Enemies who cannot get out of confinement can be easily executed.

Entering mid game, you can buy Aghanim Scepter. This item can give your ultimate boost so that attacks from your snake summon will increase significantly. Besides that, you can combine it with Blink Dagger. This item can help you in and out in the clash war easily.

If you already have enough gold, the main item that must be purchased is Refresher Orb. This item can restore the ongoing cooldown so you can use your ultimate skill twice.