Games Will Be Released Mid 2019

Games Will Be Released Mid 2019

Entering mid-2019, there have been many games that have been released before. Game developers do seem to be competing in releasing their latest games, many interesting games will be released in mid-2019, do you know what games will be released?

The first game is Monster Hunter World. Who is trying to not know this one game? This game is very popular among console and PC gamers. This game requires you to surround a very wide world map. There you will meet a lot of monsters. Unlike the game in general, this game cannot be finished, your goal is to eradicate all the monsters that exist. Every part of the monster’s body that you need can you use to make armor. This game will carry an open world system so you can play with other players online.

The second game is Crackdown. This game is a game created by Microsoft. This game only provides single player mode. Even so, there are many interesting features that you can find in this game. This game is an action genre and is eagerly awaited by game lovers.

The third game is Anthem. Game developers who make this game are EA. The developer himself is a developer who is already very famous in the world of gaming world. This game has a very neat and cool visual. This game carries a third person shooter system and can be played with friends.

The fourth game is the Sea of Thieves. This game tells about a cruise where you will be a crew member. Here you will help the captain in driving a ship. Elements of humor and freedom are very thick with this game.