Top Four Indie Game Which Can Be Play In Spare Time

Indie is not only based on songs or movies, in games there are also games with indie genres. Indie games usually have a retro and 8-bit style. There are several Indie games that are highly recommended for you Android users, what games are they?

1. Flipping Legend

This game requires players to keep running without stopping. This game also features upgrade features like those in RPG games. If you like a simple but challenging game, this game can be the right choice to fill your free time.

2. Postknight

This game has a cute and adorable character depiction style. But don’t be fooled by its cute character, once you play this game, you will feel addicted to the gameplay presented.

3. Umbra: Amulet of Light

This game carries a style similar to Tetris, which is by arranging blocks to match the silhouette that appears. This game is 3D style that is very catchy for the eyes. You act as amulet owners who can balance darkness and light. This indie game is also included as the best puzzle game in 2017.

4. Miracle Merchant

This game requires you to combine several ingredients from the available cards to create great potions. Each level given will give you a different set of cards and require you to think about what sort of cards will produce a strong concoction. This game is very suitable to be played to spend your free time.

New Game From Lord of The Rings Series

The Lord of the Rings, who doesn’t know the title? fantasy story concoction of J.R.R Tolkien is proven to be a fantasy series that cannot be forgotten. Adapted to the big screen through the trilogy, the three films of The Lord of the Rings were able to hold fantastic awards, including Oscars, among them.

This legendary series has also been adapted towards various video games, however, now an interesting step is taken by Daedlic Entertainment regarding this matter. Some time ago, they announced something unusual about The Lord of the Rings game through The Lord of the Rings: Gollum.

As the title of the game, that will be presented as a narrative adventure game will tell the journey of one of the antagonists in the series, namely Smeagol aka Gollum. The antagonist this one was previously a Hobbit, he turned into Gollum after feeling obsessed with a sacred ring that he found.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is planned to be released multiplatform in 2020 or 2021. What would it be like the adventures of Smolag in this game? let’s just wait.

New Augmented Reality Game: Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital

If you are a fan of games, of course you’re familiar to the Zombie game category? Yes, these horrible creatures that are often killed are often exploited by game developers to make horror-themed games. This game is quite fun to play, so many gamers excited to play this game.

One of them is a game developed by a company outside Playpark, which developed a zombie-themed mobile game called Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital.

Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital, is a Zombie Shooter game, which uses AR (Augmented Reality) technology where players can directly play and shoot zombies directly on the screen of their cellphone. Same but different from Pokemon GO.

This game takes the Horror theme where players are trapped in an old hospital inhabited by zombies. By using a weapon that was just discovered “accidentally” in the game, players will fight to survive, and shoot zombies that come to kill you.

Players will use their cellphone screen vertically, and move it around like using a camera to see zombies that will kill you and shoot them. Can you survive and find the mystery of the hospital? Immediately download and play this game on your Android phone! Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital, you can download it now on Google Playstore.

Review Game: 8-Bit Hordes

Since its release on PC game 2 years and got its own market, finally 8-bit Hordes were released on PS4. Still carrying the Retro atmosphere, which is typical with a picture of a box like Petroglyph. 8-bit Hordes are ready to compete with other RTS games. Unlike the predecessor 8-Armies who took the theme of the present or modern. The 8-bit Hordes appear with the theme of Fantasy World which is full of swords, giant creatures, magicians and the most important is the Dragon.

As in the RTS game in general, in the gameplay section you are required to make buildings and troops that can support you to defeat your opponents. There is nothing special that is presented by 8-bit Hordes is really a standard RTS game. In balancing, all factions have units that have different special abilities, coupled with unique combinations to fight your enemies.

You need a barrack to make troops and need other buildings to create other troops. For every 1 unit of troops and 1 unit of building requires 1 population, which you can add by building a farm. All things here start building barracks to create dragons needing money that you can take from the mine. The maximum number of units you can get is 100.

Honestly this was the first time I played RTS games on consoles since the Age of Empire, and felt a significant difference since then. 8-bit Hordes use a UI Wheel menu that simplifies the selection of building or unit menus with PS4 controllers. This game is able to present exceptionally simple controls. You could say they were able to summarize complex controls that are often present on PC RTS, in the form of PS4 controllers.

Acer Anouncing Acer OJO 500, New Reality Mixed Headset For Windows

Acer finally anouncing their new product named Acer OJO 500. This product is the newest model of Visual Reality ( VR ). But this VR is different like the other one because it’s combined with headset. This design is the first one in the world. Not only that, this VR also give the flexibility for the user, specially for business inquiry.

This VR also very unique. The strap part can be plug out but you still can use the VR using the headset even without the strap. With this kind of feature, the user still can use the VR when the strap is washed.

The front of the VR can be plug off, so the user can answer the phone call without opening the VR. Acer OJO 500 have a feature caleed IPD. Interpupillary Distande Internal can balancing the retina and the display. With this feature, user can modify the setting and find the best one for maximum visualization of the display.

Integrated Audio System Eliminates the Need for Earphones. This is the first VR with integrated sound system, look cool right ?

There is more than 2.500 game and aplication for the VR, you can download it from Microsoft Store for free, some aplications is not free, but it’s all about the user want to buy or no. But we can say that this VR is the best VR for now.

Seto Kaiba Become The First DLC Character in Jump Force

Since Bandai Namco announced that Yugi as a character was forced to fight in Jump Force, most people were skeptical of the decision and not a few laughed at it. This is of course because Yugi is not a fighter like Goku or Luffy, and only carries a card. However, Bandai Namco actually managed to bring it very well by using Dark Magician as its main ability. Now, they again present a new character from the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise.

Seto Kaiba is an additional Jump Force character. Unfortunately, there is no clarity about what monsters he will use when fighting. If Yugi uses Dark Magician more often as his mainstay accompanied by Dark Magician Girl, and Slifer the Sky Dragon, then Kaiba should use Blue Eyes White Dragon.

In addition to the announcement, Bandai Namco also announced a roadmap for their plans to update Jump Force. Seto Kaiba will be released in May with two characters not yet announced. While other characters will be released in June 2019.

Jump Force can now be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For those of you who are curious about the game, you can read a review of the PS4 version from us to better know whether this game suits you or not. And as usual, you can also keep up with the latest news related to the game so you don’t miss the update. For example, the presence of Shaggy from Scooby Doo and Leon from Resident Evil was released as a mod version of PC.

Bleach Mobile Entering Pre Registration

Who doesn’t know Bleach anime. One of the 3 anime legends of the past has gotten an adaptation of its newest game on Mobile, called Bleach Mobile 3D. The latest game from Siamgame Play has now opened its pre-registration period on the App Store and Google Play.

Follow Ichigo’s adventures in the anime Bleach, where you will enter the world of the anime. With 3D design and 360 rotation angle views, you can explore the Human World, Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo according to your imagination. Unique locations such as the Urahara grocery store, and Las Noches you can explore.

Cool Right, Siamgames also presents the same voice actor as the anime. Besides Ichigo, Rukia, and his friends, Bleach Mobile 3D will also present all of the Squad from the Gotei 13 and their enemies such as the Hollow, Aizen Sosuke, Arrancar, and of course the Espada.

Complete the mission given to you to unlock other features in the game, and fight other players in the Real Time PVP mode found in the game! Interested in playing the Bleach Mobile 3D game? Immediately pre-register the game now and get an attractive prize when the game is released.

New “Richter” Skin On AOV, Similiar To Gerald From The Witcher

AOV seems to be more aggressive in the release of this year’s update, not satisfied with the release of many heroes lately, this game made by Tencent still has a lot of cards in ambitions to dominate the Moba Mobile market in the World especially Southeast Asia.

From Crossover, License and Art Work Good, with the theme “Similar to Iconic Character” seems to still be the main weapon of Moba in Indonesia famous thanks to the arrival of Batman and 7 Billion in 2017.

The new arrives again, Richter gets to feel Skin with Space / Space nuances through Star-style skin Wars that will be released soon on the official AOV servers in the World, what kind of skin is that? we see the photo below: But what crossed our head when we saw this? Cool? sure, that’s clear! but the impression of “our Iconic feel is more intense than our admiration for this skin”.

It’s a blend of The Witcher, Geralt which is very similar to the character of Richter itself, where they are both Hunter in their respective games. a former Demon Hunter who was willing to die to defend humanity until finally the majesty of the Demon Hunter was only a past for him, because the Demon Hunter was officially dissolved by the King until Richter became a Nomad, but even though he had officially become a Demon Hunter Richter he still held the principle that there the threat is mainly from the Demon so Richter will fight like the task of a Demon Hunter.

Richter also gained strength by means of special forces military-style training and experiments where a prospective Demon Hunter had to be combined with Abyss power or darkness, so that he could use darkness to fight evil forces.

Game Size Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Only 12,58GB !

The current game output is reasonable if you eat at least 30 GB of storage left over on your PC or console. This sometimes makes us raise our eyebrows and wonder when we see there is a large studio game that has a size less than that number. Whether the data compression is very good or the game doesn’t have much content, it’s natural for gamers to wonder when the game doesn’t finish at least 20% of storage.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the latest game from From Software is said to have a size of only around 12.58 GB based on the Microsoft store page. This size makes Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one of the most AAA-class games “thrifty” data compared to the games that already exist today.

Seeing this estimate for the Xbox version, it is likely that the PC and PS4 versions will differ greatly, but the difference in size between platforms will rarely be very significant. If what is written on this Microsoft page is correct, then it is certain that the other versions will not be far from that number.

Of course this small size does not mean the game will be a little content. Looking at the previous From Software games, you will spend a lot of time in this game because of exploration or because of difficulties in certain segments, we’ll see.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be released for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on March 22.

Let’s Talk About Phoenix From Dota 2

Phoenix is super flexible and unique ranged STR hero in Dota 2. Phoenix have a plethora powerful abilities who can inflict heave damage overtime at the cost of his own health. Phoenix have a different gameplay if compared with other hero. Phoenix can be a support, semi carry, tanker and also nuker in team.

His first skill is Icarus Dive. With this skill, Phoenix will dive forward in an arc with fixed distance. This skill will inflict damage over time also slowing enemy movement speed. If you didn’t press the skill when Phoenix diving, Phoenix will dive back to original position.

His second skill is Fire Spirit. When using this skill, Phoenix will summon 4 fire bird spirit. The enemy affected by this skill will take damage over time and take attack speed reduction effect.

Phoenix third skill is Sun Ray. Phoenix will expels laser beam of fire and damaging any enemy in that line. Phoenix also heal teammates who stand in the line. This skill consuming Phoenix HP each second, so use it carefully.

As a Phoenix, he also can reincarnate. Using his ultimate, Super Nova, Phoenix will reborn again after being an fire egg. But you must be carefull, when inside the egg, you can die if enemy hit u a number of time. So you need to slow them with first and second skill before using this skill. When you revive, you will gain full HP and all of the cooldown will finish.

Tencent Will Release Wegame To Compete With Steam

Tencent keep moving in global market. Now, Tencent is preparing global version of WeGame. This project is made for compete with Steam. As we know, Steam is the most popular game platfrom in the world.

This project will be announced in Hong Kong. This platform already released in China in April 2017. Like Steam, WeGame came with many variative game who can be downloaded by gamers. Even Monster Hunter World also can be downloaded from WeGame, is that cool ?

Till now, WeGame already have 220 title of game who can be played. South China Morning Post said that Tencent will add more game like Fornite which is very popular in the world.

It’s not shocking, Tencent is one of the most bigger game developer in the world. They also holding the developer like Riot Games and Epic Games.

PUBG Corp also cooperate with Tencent for making PUBG Mobile. This game is the most successfull game for mobile platform. Tencent is very serious about developing game.

Just imagine if WeGame can break the international market, it will be a new era of gaming. But they will fight against Steam and it’s not an easy enemy.

Playing free game and P2P game all is possible in WeGame. Can WeGame going global ? We think yes, as long as they are not breaking any law, we think it’s possible.

RIP ! This Heroes Already Dead When You Play Them In The Game

Character is the most crucial factor in the game. With good character, the game can be a good game too, for example Sonic, Mario, Zelda and many more. With a good character and story, the game itself can be more fun to play.

For make it more real, developer use the myth or familiar story to make this character more realistic. There is so many game who make his main character dead in the beginning. But with this thing, the developer can drag gamers drown to the story. This three heroes already dead when you play them, curious?

First is Robo from Chrono Trigger game. Robo is very popular character in this game. He is so usefull and have so many power to help the other teammates. He also be the most powerfull hero in this game instead of the other one. But Robo already dead since beginning. You will know this story after you finish the game. Back in time, he is a soldier who help Belthasar.

Second one is Mercy from Overwatch. This hero is specialization in support. She can heal teammates with her skill. But many people said that Mercy already dead from beginning, but she drink a magic potion so she can live again.

The third one is Chell from Portal 2. Chell is the protagonist from series 2. But there is a secret, if you don’t know, Chell is already dead ! After run from secret facility, you will find Chell, but Chell can’t move and just standing inside the cube.

The Fast “GG CALL” In League of Legends Tournament History

2019 seems to be the most interesting year for the LCL Spring 2019. LCL itself is the highest League of Legends League in Russia. In 2019 there are 8 teams competing for the title and ticket to MSI 2019 in Vietnam next May.

If previously there was an esport team filled by five female players in it, the Vaevictis eSports team. Now the record is back in the tournament. The fastest GG Call in 2019 was resolved during the match between Vega Squadron against Vaevictis eSports. In just 13 minutes Vaevictis eSports had to give up and acknowledge the superiority of its opponents.

Starting in the pick and tire championship phase, it has been seen that Vega Squadron trust himself will win the battle. This was marked by the composition of the champions chosen by Vega Squadron, who looked down on their opponents. Sure enough, starting from the beginning of the game until the end of the game Vega Squadron dominated the match. Even Vaevictis eSports was only given a kill score of 7 kills. Inversely proportional to Vega Squadron who has received 17 kill in 13 minutes of matches.

The strength of the LCL Spring 2019 participating team does look very lame. Big teams like Vega Squadron, Elements Pro Gaming, and Gambit Esport are too strong compared to other teams. They often bully small teams who also compete in the event.

Currently Vega Squadron is positioned in the LCL Spring Split 2019 temporary standings with 7-2 points. They are one point adrift with Elements Pro Gaming at the top of the standings. Meanwhile Vaevictis eSports is still in the position of caretaker without a single victory in nine matches. Will they be able to escape the relegation zone at the end of the 2019 LCL Spring Split competition? Let’s wait for their struggle.

Crazy Arcade BnB M Entering Pre-Registration Period

Bomberman might be one of the unique genre games ever released on the market. Games that combine puzzles and strategies are possible to install bombs in certain areas to destroy the wall to defeat your opponents. Not a few who adapted this concept to a new game, one of which is Crazy Arcade BnB M owned by Nexon. The mobile game that has a system similar to Konami’s game will be coming soon to the global market in the near future. The good news, they give you the opportunity to register first.

Nexon CEO Jeong-heon Lee announced that the Crazy Arcade BnB M mobile game is currently opening the pre-registration period until its release. You can register on their official website, which contains details of the information presented. Players who pre-register will get “Angel Water Balloon”, while those who register on the Google Play Store will get a bonus “Angel Balloon”.

This casual game is one of the reinterpretations of its PC game, Crazy Arcade which is very famous. He will present six modes, three modes of which are 2 vs 2, hoard, and 16 player survival. Some unique Super Skills will also be owned by seven characters.

Until this article came down, there was no clarity regarding the date of the release of Crazy Arcade BnB M, but it was confirmed that it would be released on Android and iOS globally except America, China, Europe, Japan and South Korea. You can follow the following page to find out more about the game in the future.

Witch Doctor: I Will Curse You Till You Die !!

Witch Doctor is INT hero with ranged attack range. He can be a good support and can burst damage to enemy unit. Witch Doctor also can heal team with his skill. Sometimes, player with combine his ultimate skill with Void Chronosphere. This two combo hero is very devastating.

Witch Doctor first skill is Paralyzing Cask. Witch Doctor will throw a paralyzing powder and will bounce to enemy unit. Every enemy unit hitted by this skill will be stunned and take magical damage.

His second skill is Voodoo Restoration. Witch Doctor will spread an healing aura to heal his teammates. With this skill, Witch Doctor can back up teammates from behind. When using this skill, Witch Doctor Mana will be drained.

The third skill is Maledict. Witch Doctor will curse his enemy. This skill causing some damage depend on how much damage the enemy taken. The more damage taken by enemy, this skill will inflict more damage. This skill is devastating !

The ultimate skill of Witch Doctor is Death Ward. Witch Doctor will summon a totem to attack any enemy near the totem. This totem inflict pure damage and have 0.22 base attack time, its mean, in 1 second this totem can hit around 4 to 5 times. This skill is ver good at team clash, make enemy run and break the enemy formation.