Review Game: 8-Bit Hordes

Since its release on PC game 2 years and got its own market, finally 8-bit Hordes were released on PS4. Still carrying the Retro atmosphere, which is typical with a picture of a box like Petroglyph. 8-bit Hordes are ready to compete with other RTS games. Unlike the predecessor 8-Armies who took the theme of the present or modern. The 8-bit Hordes appear with the theme of Fantasy World which is full of swords, giant creatures, magicians and the most important is the Dragon.

As in the RTS game in general, in the gameplay section you are required to make buildings and troops that can support you to defeat your opponents. There is nothing special that is presented by 8-bit Hordes is really a standard RTS game. In balancing, all factions have units that have different special abilities, coupled with unique combinations to fight your enemies.

You need a barrack to make troops and need other buildings to create other troops. For every 1 unit of troops and 1 unit of building requires 1 population, which you can add by building a farm. All things here start building barracks to create dragons needing money that you can take from the mine. The maximum number of units you can get is 100.

Honestly this was the first time I played RTS games on consoles since the Age of Empire, and felt a significant difference since then. 8-bit Hordes use a UI Wheel menu that simplifies the selection of building or unit menus with PS4 controllers. This game is able to present exceptionally simple controls. You could say they were able to summarize complex controls that are often present on PC RTS, in the form of PS4 controllers.