Acer Anouncing Acer OJO 500, New Reality Mixed Headset For Windows

Acer finally anouncing their new product named Acer OJO 500. This product is the newest model of Visual Reality ( VR ). But this VR is different like the other one because it’s combined with headset. This design is the first one in the world. Not only that, this VR also give the flexibility for the user, specially for business inquiry.

This VR also very unique. The strap part can be plug out but you still can use the VR using the headset even without the strap. With this kind of feature, the user still can use the VR when the strap is washed.

The front of the VR can be plug off, so the user can answer the phone call without opening the VR. Acer OJO 500 have a feature caleed IPD. Interpupillary Distande Internal can balancing the retina and the display. With this feature, user can modify the setting and find the best one for maximum visualization of the display.

Integrated Audio System Eliminates the Need for Earphones. This is the first VR with integrated sound system, look cool right ?

There is more than 2.500 game and aplication for the VR, you can download it from Microsoft Store for free, some aplications is not free, but it’s all about the user want to buy or no. But we can say that this VR is the best VR for now.