New “Richter” Skin On AOV, Similiar To Gerald From The Witcher

AOV seems to be more aggressive in the release of this year’s update, not satisfied with the release of many heroes lately, this game made by Tencent still has a lot of cards in ambitions to dominate the Moba Mobile market in the World especially Southeast Asia.

From Crossover, License and Art Work Good, with the theme “Similar to Iconic Character” seems to still be the main weapon of Moba in Indonesia famous thanks to the arrival of Batman and 7 Billion in 2017.

The new arrives again, Richter gets to feel Skin with Space / Space nuances through Star-style skin Wars that will be released soon on the official AOV servers in the World, what kind of skin is that? we see the photo below: But what crossed our head when we saw this? Cool? sure, that’s clear! but the impression of “our Iconic feel is more intense than our admiration for this skin”.

It’s a blend of The Witcher, Geralt which is very similar to the character of Richter itself, where they are both Hunter in their respective games. a former Demon Hunter who was willing to die to defend humanity until finally the majesty of the Demon Hunter was only a past for him, because the Demon Hunter was officially dissolved by the King until Richter became a Nomad, but even though he had officially become a Demon Hunter Richter he still held the principle that there the threat is mainly from the Demon so Richter will fight like the task of a Demon Hunter.

Richter also gained strength by means of special forces military-style training and experiments where a prospective Demon Hunter had to be combined with Abyss power or darkness, so that he could use darkness to fight evil forces.

Reza Arap Will Fired 1 WAW Member (AoV Division)

WAW esports itself has many divisions, one of which is the AOV Game (Arena of Valor), WAW esports won the ANC season 2 title which is held routinely every year by Garena AOV Indonesia as the Semi-Pro team towards the Pro level which ends will compete on ASL (AOV Star League) which is the highest level in the AOV competition in Indonesia.

But the team containing top ASL class players such as Ahmad, Mumuy and Taxtstump and managed to advance to the ESL group stage seemed to experience a difficult period because they had experienced a number of defeats which were considered a surprise to many behind the slick composition of this team.

Expectations may be different from reality, Reza Arap seems disappointed with the performance of his children in the ESL event because he hasn’t shown a positive trend so far, so Arap directly revealed his frustration on his personal Twitter as shown below:

Arap said about the ‘Attitude’ issue in this case, where Arap plans to fire one member of his AOV division thanks to this.

Not yet knowing who Reza Arap means, and the clarity about this matter has not yet been revealed in the public, maybe in the near future there will be a release regarding the clarity of related news.