Witch Doctor: I Will Curse You Till You Die !!

Witch Doctor is INT hero with ranged attack range. He can be a good support and can burst damage to enemy unit. Witch Doctor also can heal team with his skill. Sometimes, player with combine his ultimate skill with Void Chronosphere. This two combo hero is very devastating.

Witch Doctor first skill is Paralyzing Cask. Witch Doctor will throw a paralyzing powder and will bounce to enemy unit. Every enemy unit hitted by this skill will be stunned and take magical damage.

His second skill is Voodoo Restoration. Witch Doctor will spread an healing aura to heal his teammates. With this skill, Witch Doctor can back up teammates from behind. When using this skill, Witch Doctor Mana will be drained.

The third skill is Maledict. Witch Doctor will curse his enemy. This skill causing some damage depend on how much damage the enemy taken. The more damage taken by enemy, this skill will inflict more damage. This skill is devastating !

The ultimate skill of Witch Doctor is Death Ward. Witch Doctor will summon a totem to attack any enemy near the totem. This totem inflict pure damage and have 0.22 base attack time, its mean, in 1 second this totem can hit around 4 to 5 times. This skill is ver good at team clash, make enemy run and break the enemy formation.