Crazy Arcade BnB M Entering Pre-Registration Period

Bomberman might be one of the unique genre games ever released on the market. Games that combine puzzles and strategies are possible to install bombs in certain areas to destroy the wall to defeat your opponents. Not a few who adapted this concept to a new game, one of which is Crazy Arcade BnB M owned by Nexon. The mobile game that has a system similar to Konami’s game will be coming soon to the global market in the near future. The good news, they give you the opportunity to register first.

Nexon CEO Jeong-heon Lee announced that the Crazy Arcade BnB M mobile game is currently opening the pre-registration period until its release. You can register on their official website, which contains details of the information presented. Players who pre-register will get “Angel Water Balloon”, while those who register on the Google Play Store will get a bonus “Angel Balloon”.

This casual game is one of the reinterpretations of its PC game, Crazy Arcade which is very famous. He will present six modes, three modes of which are 2 vs 2, hoard, and 16 player survival. Some unique Super Skills will also be owned by seven characters.

Until this article came down, there was no clarity regarding the date of the release of Crazy Arcade BnB M, but it was confirmed that it would be released on Android and iOS globally except America, China, Europe, Japan and South Korea. You can follow the following page to find out more about the game in the future.