Top Four Indie Game Which Can Be Play In Spare Time

Top Four Indie Game Which Can Be Play In Spare Time

Indie is not only based on songs or movies, in games there are also games with indie genres. Indie games usually have a retro and 8-bit style. There are several Indie games that are highly recommended for you Android users, what games are they?

1. Flipping Legend

This game requires players to keep running without stopping. This game also features upgrade features like those in RPG games. If you like a simple but challenging game, this game can be the right choice to fill your free time.

2. Postknight

This game has a cute and adorable character depiction style. But don’t be fooled by its cute character, once you play this game, you will feel addicted to the gameplay presented.

3. Umbra: Amulet of Light

This game carries a style similar to Tetris, which is by arranging blocks to match the silhouette that appears. This game is 3D style that is very catchy for the eyes. You act as amulet owners who can balance darkness and light. This indie game is also included as the best puzzle game in 2017.

4. Miracle Merchant

This game requires you to combine several ingredients from the available cards to create great potions. Each level given will give you a different set of cards and require you to think about what sort of cards will produce a strong concoction. This game is very suitable to be played to spend your free time.