Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Finally Available In Steam

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Do you still remember the PUBG parody game entitled Totally Accurate Battlegrounds or abbreviated as TABG? The game that had attracted the attention of the masses of Battle Royale lovers has now been blessed with a sister who does not lose making you laugh when played. Titled Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, Landfall as a developer has just released the ridiculous 3D war game on Steam on Early Access.

Even though it is still in Early Access, TABS is quite serious in offering various content such as campaign mode with a total of 50 stages or levels, or a “sandbox” mode that frees you to design all kinds of battles you want. Everything is presented with physics wrapping that has been polished in a more mature and smooth.

The choices of units that you can use are also quite varied, starting from a collection of cave people to medieval warriors from various nations in the world that you can meet as well as explore. Then there are also special units like Mammoth, Minotaur, Winged Valkyrie, and many more.

You can get this game by paying only Rp. 96,000 Steam Wallet. Lets play this game with your friend, this game is fun to play btw ^_^.