Fear The Anti Mage ! I’m Blind But Not Deaf !

Fear The Anti Mage ! I'm Blind But Not Deaf !

Anti Mage or formerly known as Magina is a Dota 2 hero with a very terrible ability. This hero is one of the strongest heroes in Dota 2, although Anti Mage is a hero that OP during late game, but at the time of the early game this hero cannot give many contributions to the team.

Anti Mage is the most popular hero late game in Dota 2. Besides having a skilled skill, he is also good at running away.

The large output damage from Anti Mage comes from his first skill. This skill is called Mana Break which is a passive skill. This skill allows Anti Mage to give extra damage to opponents who have which. Not only that, the hero who was hit by Anti Mage will also lose his mana so he cannot use the skill.

Anti Mage is also equipped with excellent survival skills, namely Blink. Just like Blink Dagger, this skill makes Anti Mage able to move locations quickly and escape from enemy chases.

Not only that, Anti Mage is also equipped with a skill called Spell Shield which gives an additional magic reduction of 50%. Just imagine how difficult it is for a magic hero to meet this one hero. In addition, if you buy an Aghanim Scepter item on this hero, the Spell Shield skill will reverse the skill he received to the skill user.

The strongest skill that belongs to Anti Mage is the Mana Void. Damage from Mana Void is obtained from enemy mana pool that has been used up. If the enemy mana pool is exhausted by 1000 points, then the damage that the enemy will receive is 1200. With the combination of Mana Break and Blink skill, of course, this ultimate Mage skill belongs to a very powerful skill to kill the opponent hero.