Tencent Will Release Wegame To Compete With Steam

Tencent Will Release Wegame To Compete With Steam

Tencent keep moving in global market. Now, Tencent is preparing global version of WeGame. This project is made for compete with Steam. As we know, Steam is the most popular game platfrom in the world.

This project will be announced in Hong Kong. This platform already released in China in April 2017. Like Steam, WeGame came with many variative game who can be downloaded by gamers. Even Monster Hunter World also can be downloaded from WeGame, is that cool ?

Till now, WeGame already have 220 title of game who can be played. South China Morning Post said that Tencent will add more game like Fornite which is very popular in the world.

It’s not shocking, Tencent is one of the most bigger game developer in the world. They also holding the developer like Riot Games and Epic Games.

PUBG Corp also cooperate with Tencent for making PUBG Mobile. This game is the most successfull game for mobile platform. Tencent is very serious about developing game.

Just imagine if WeGame can break the international market, it will be a new era of gaming. But they will fight against Steam and it’s not an easy enemy.

Playing free game and P2P game all is possible in WeGame. Can WeGame going global ? We think yes, as long as they are not breaking any law, we think it’s possible.