Let’s Talk About Phoenix From Dota 2

Phoenix is super flexible and unique ranged STR hero in Dota 2. Phoenix have a plethora powerful abilities who can inflict heave damage overtime at the cost of his own health. Phoenix have a different gameplay if compared with other hero. Phoenix can be a support, semi carry, tanker and also nuker in team.

His first skill is Icarus Dive. With this skill, Phoenix will dive forward in an arc with fixed distance. This skill will inflict damage over time also slowing enemy movement speed. If you didn’t press the skill when Phoenix diving, Phoenix will dive back to original position.

His second skill is Fire Spirit. When using this skill, Phoenix will summon 4 fire bird spirit. The enemy affected by this skill will take damage over time and take attack speed reduction effect.

Phoenix third skill is Sun Ray. Phoenix will expels laser beam of fire and damaging any enemy in that line. Phoenix also heal teammates who stand in the line. This skill consuming Phoenix HP each second, so use it carefully.

As a Phoenix, he also can reincarnate. Using his ultimate, Super Nova, Phoenix will reborn again after being an fire egg. But you must be carefull, when inside the egg, you can die if enemy hit u a number of time. So you need to slow them with first and second skill before using this skill. When you revive, you will gain full HP and all of the cooldown will finish.