Invoker – The Most Hardest Mage Type Hero In Dota 2

The strongest magic hero predicate doesn’t seem to be released from the name Invoker. Invoker itself is an INT-type hero that is very difficult to master and can even be said to be one of the most difficult heroes to learn in Dota 2 after Meepo and Earth Spirit.

Invoker has an orb element that he can use. The orb element is named Quas which symbolizes water, Wex which symbolizes the wind and Exort which symbolizes fire. To be able to use skills, you must combine 3 types of the orb and combine with the Invoke skill to bring up the skills we want to use.

These three orbs can be leveled up to reach level 7. Each orb will give additional Invoker status. For Quas, Invoker will get additional STR, HP and SP regeneration status. For Wex, Invoker will get the status of AGI, Aspd and Mspd. As for Quas, Invoker will get INT status and attack damage.

Invoker’s capabilities are very flexible and can be used as needed. There are various skills that you can combine through the three orbs. These skills are Meteor, Sun Strike, Alacrity, Cold Snap, Ghost Walk, Tornado, Emp, Summon Spirit, Ice Wall, and Deafening Blast.

To play this hero, you need to learn the basics of these three elements. It’s not easy to learn this one hero. The difficulty does not only come from a combination of difficult skills but also from active items that he must buy, for example, Scythe of Vyse, Black King Bar, Eul and others.