Diggie, Time Controller In Mobile Legends

Who doesn’t know this one hero? Diggie is owls that carry wall clocks and have a very cute voice. This one hero despite having a very cute appearance, but she has the ability to control time.

Diggie is a support hero who has many skills with very annoying effects. For example, his first skill. Diggie will throw a time bomb that can be detonated according to Diggie’s wishes. Besides having enormous magic damage, this skill also has a wide range and has a slow effect.

Diggie is also equipped with skills to pull enemies back. Diggie’s second skill can draw back enemies that have been targeted. As far as any running enemy will be pulled back to the starting point by Diggie. This skill is very effective for ganking or backup.

Diggie’s passive skill also made him unable to die. When he is killed by an opponent, he will turn into an egg that has eyes and feet. He will continue to chase opponents while releasing smoke which causes very little damage. But in this mode, it has a high motion speed and can continue to stalk the opponent’s hero. Even opposing heroes who want to carry out a recall will also not be able to because they continue to receive damage from the smoke they emit.

For the ultimate skill, it is a skill that buffs team members. As long as the duration of this skill is active, Diggie will have an immunity effect on all types of crowd control skills issued by the opponent. As long as this skill is active, teammates will get additional shields that will reduce the amount of damage received. This hero is the perfect hero to fill the role support on the team.