Diggie, Time Controller In Mobile Legends

Who doesn’t know this one hero? Diggie is owls that carry wall clocks and have a very cute voice. This one hero despite having a very cute appearance, but she has the ability to control time.

Diggie is a support hero who has many skills with very annoying effects. For example, his first skill. Diggie will throw a time bomb that can be detonated according to Diggie’s wishes. Besides having enormous magic damage, this skill also has a wide range and has a slow effect.

Diggie is also equipped with skills to pull enemies back. Diggie’s second skill can draw back enemies that have been targeted. As far as any running enemy will be pulled back to the starting point by Diggie. This skill is very effective for ganking or backup.

Diggie’s passive skill also made him unable to die. When he is killed by an opponent, he will turn into an egg that has eyes and feet. He will continue to chase opponents while releasing smoke which causes very little damage. But in this mode, it has a high motion speed and can continue to stalk the opponent’s hero. Even opposing heroes who want to carry out a recall will also not be able to because they continue to receive damage from the smoke they emit.

For the ultimate skill, it is a skill that buffs team members. As long as the duration of this skill is active, Diggie will have an immunity effect on all types of crowd control skills issued by the opponent. As long as this skill is active, teammates will get additional shields that will reduce the amount of damage received. This hero is the perfect hero to fill the role support on the team.

Collaborating Between Mobile Legend And SNK, Is That Possible ?

Mobile legends a few months ago had made a survey about them planning to collaborate with one of the SNK Game Franchises, the legendary Fighting King Of Fighter. To make this happen, they made a survey where the players were given a survey link that contained several questions such as whether you knew about King Of Fighter, and who your favorite characters were in the game, after a few months later they seemed to be preparing to make an event that maybe soon to be released.

According to the information we get from an account that often informs various leaks or leaks about Mobile Legend, one of these events is an KoF Bingo Event. This event itself is an event where you complete the mission to get an attractive prize, if according to the bingo card event held some time ago, this event might have a skin prize that might be a skin of King Of Fighter characters or even one of the Character of the wrong one such game.

If later this event will be released, this is the first time Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends will collaborate with other games and will be a very interesting event and you should wait, but it is uncertain when this event will be released considering this is a Moonton leak itself has not provided an official information so we just wait.

New Spell In Mobile Legends

On patch 1.3.44 released on Tuesday yesterday there were some changes that occurred in the mobile legend. However, due to the patch there is a new hero released, namely Badang who is a hero from Malaysia, most people are more fixated on it. Though there are some fundamental changes that can change your gameplay. Starting from the health bar in the Tower and Jungle monsters to the spell changes that will be discussed this time.

Some time ago, there was a spell named Weenen on Mobile Legend. The effect of this weaken is to reduce the enemy’s movement speed by 70% and reduce the attack and magic power from the enemy as a whole by 50%. Unfortunately the skill was eliminated in season 9. Even though the spell can be used as a way to fight other fighters that are quite frustrating, and enough people use the spell to kill other heroes who have a higher level.

Many people protested when the spell was completely removed in Mobile Legend. Even though Weaken is one of the spells that has the lowest cooldown and is very useful in 1 vs 1 match. Well, fortunately Moonton answered the players’ composition by reworking one of the spells they had, namely, Scout. In the patch that was updated just before, now Scout in rework is a combination of Weaken and Scout. The combination presents one of the new Mobile legend spells called “Nowhere to Hide”

Explanation of the spell skill is quite easy, the player who uses it will take out a chicks named harper who will look for your closest enemy. Makes you barely able to be gank by other enemies. And if you find it, the harper will stick towards the enemy and reduce the movement speed, attack and magic power from the enemy that is attached to it by 70% movement speed, and 50% attack and magic power from the enemy that he affixed.