Collaborating Between Mobile Legend And SNK, Is That Possible ?

Mobile legends a few months ago had made a survey about them planning to collaborate with one of the SNK Game Franchises, the legendary Fighting King Of Fighter. To make this happen, they made a survey where the players were given a survey link that contained several questions such as whether you knew about King Of Fighter, and who your favorite characters were in the game, after a few months later they seemed to be preparing to make an event that maybe soon to be released.

According to the information we get from an account that often informs various leaks or leaks about Mobile Legend, one of these events is an KoF Bingo Event. This event itself is an event where you complete the mission to get an attractive prize, if according to the bingo card event held some time ago, this event might have a skin prize that might be a skin of King Of Fighter characters or even one of the Character of the wrong one such game.

If later this event will be released, this is the first time Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends will collaborate with other games and will be a very interesting event and you should wait, but it is uncertain when this event will be released considering this is a Moonton leak itself has not provided an official information so we just wait.