Devotion, Taiwanese Horror Game Based on True Story

Devotion, Taiwanese Horror Game Based on True Story

With the rise of horror games announced recently such as the nation’s game titled Pamali for example, and now Red Candle Games as a Taiwanese developer who once made the Detention horror game also exhibited his newest game entitled Devotion.

Maybe Detention is one of the games that I didn’t expect when the game came out in 2017. This game is based on a true story from the history of martial law called the White Terror from Taiwan, and this game tells of a school girl exploring a school full of terror.

This time the Red Candle Games will raise the true story that happened in the 80s as a setting in the Devotion game. Tells a family that lives in an old apartment, where in their daily lives their lives are full of excitement and they are full of havoc.

This game tell about Taiwanese myth called Cigu Guanyin, like god creature whom can fulfill hope but you need to payback after your wish became true.

There is no further information regarding the release or platform that will be addressed by this game. But if you look at the previous game’s report, it’s likely that Devotion will go to the PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. You can check the Red Candle Games website for more information.