Nintedo Will Colaborating With Line For Making Dr Mario World

After recently Nintendo announced that it would release Mario Kart to mobile devices (Android, iOS) they also did not want to leave the other Mario franchises, like Dr. Mario World.

For information, if you don’t know what Dr. Mario, this game is a 1990 release carrying the puzzle genre. In this game you are assigned to eradicate the virus by matching the colors of the capsules in the game. Quite simple indeed, but at the time this game was very interesting to play.

Now Dr. Mario will be adapted into a mobile game, not playing Nintendo is also working with chat-based application developers from Japan, namely Line. With this collaboration, it is possible for Dr. Mario World will present social features that might be able to integrate friends on the Line to play together in this game. But both Nintendo and Line still haven’t revealed what Dr. This Mario World.

Until now they are only planning related to the release schedule which will fall at the beginning of summer this year. Dr. Mario World will be released directly in 60 countries and regions, including Japan and the United States. Hopefully Indonesia will be included in the list of countries to release this game. While waiting maybe we can play the game from Nintendo which was released on the previous smartphone namely Super Mario Run.