New Line Game: Brown Stories : The Legends of Mythos!”

New Line Game: Brown Stories : The Legends of Mythos!”

Besides Whats apps, one of the most frequently used chat media in the world is Line. Besides being a great collection of stickers, people use the Line because they have many games that can be played from the chat application.

Starting from Get Rich, Line Ranger, Disney Tsum Tsum and so on, this time line made the latest game innovation, Line Brown Stories: The Legends of Mythos

Brown stories is a strategic tower defense game where players will play some funny line characters starting from Cony, Sally, Brown, James, Jessica and of course Moon. Where players are required to protect your base from enemy attacks that come and destroy the enemy base using these characters.

Each character has their own star grade which indicates their level of ability, their specific skills, accompanied by their level. Uniquely, this game you can play together with your friends with 2 or 3 in real time, not using a computer.

Join the adventure with Brown and his friends in the game “Brown Stories: The Legend of Mythos” which you can download on the Google Play Store!N