Boss of the Ocean, Vell Invasion In Black Desert Online

Boss of the Ocean, Vell Invasion In Black Desert Online

Not only the boss on the mainland, Black Desert Online SEA apparently also keeps many bosses on the vast expanse of the ocean. One of them is Vell who will mess up the contents of the ocean and your ship if you sail near it.

Pearl Abyss SEA announces that starting today the boss of the ocean, Vell officially invaded Black Desert Online SEA and will appear every Sunday at 16:00. He will have a super large damage attack with the crocodile’s mouth and the tentacles he has, you can defeat him in any way, including shooting him with a cannon for the sake of getting an exclusive drop.

Besides Vell, two other events have also been prepared by the Pearl Abyss. From February 20 to March 6, you will be able to complete the quest to defeat Vell and get Enhancement Help Kit I and the opportunity to get other loots such as Vell’s Concentrated Magic, and 1,000 Gold Bars. Six lucky players will get Da-Dum-Da-Dum Diving Suit Set Box or Splat Fisher’s Clothes Set. Pearl Abyss also provides additional in-game rewards from 6:00 to 00:00 every Monday to help you grinding.

Shadow Arena: Battle Royale’s special mission will also be accessible 7 days before its release on February 27th. The mission will be available every day before the mode is released. Finishing it will reward you Golden Dagger, while if you complete more than 10 times, you will get Fine Accessory Box II.

Black Desert Online SEA can now be played in Southeast Asia including Indonesia exclusively only for PCs. You can follow the news more fully about the game on their official website.