Blacklight Retribution Will Closed On Next March

Blacklight Retribution Will Closed On Next March

Hardsuit Labs recently announced that their free-to-play online shooter game titled Blacklight: Retribution will be closed next March.

This was conveyed directly by the developer through his Steam page, where they also explained that they stopped official support for the futuristic theme game, because almost all Hardsuit Labs teams were focused on a new project.

Along with this, the developer will not present a new patch or update in the future. In fact, they also completed technical assistance for the Blacklight Retributon when this news was written.

For information, Blacklight: Retribution has been present since 2011 for PCs and later became one of the first free-to-play games on the PS4 console in 2013. The developer regularly presents updates and interesting events, and the game itself gets a response quite positive from the players.

And since February 9, all items available in the Store on the PC platform can be obtained free of charge, while the PS4 version will continue to run as usual because there is no host server on that platform.

You can play Blacklight Retribution on PC and PS4 platforms. You who are interested in trying it can visit their website. But the server will be officially closed on March 11, 2019.