Mario Kart’s “Mobile” Version Will Be Late For Release

Mario Kart's "Mobile" Version Will Be Late For Release

The mobile game market is the prima donna of developers to release their release games. Many developers have indeed jumped from the start in the industry but there are also big developers who have previously worked on various platforms or even exclusively on their own platforms and are now starting to look at the mobile game industry. This is what might make Nintendo decide to do the same thing with the release of the Mario Kart franchise on the smartphone / smartphone platform.

Nintendo-style Game CTR is indeed very much loved by Nintendo fans. In almost every generation of Nintendo’s consoles, fun racing games both played alone and with friends are always present. But over time and the development of markets and technology, Nintendo was finally tempted by the release of the title Mario Kart Tour, a spin-off from Mario Kart which will be released for smartphones.

Actually, they have announced that the Mario Kart Tour has been scheduled and will be released at the end of March. However, through its official Twitter account, Nintendo is delaying the release of the mobile game until the summer with reasons to improve the quality and expand its service content.

Plunging into the mobile game industry is not the first time for Nintendo, they have also released several previous mobile games such as Miitomo (2016), Super Mario Run (2016), Fire Emblem Heroes (2017), Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (2017) and Dragalia Lost (2018). Some of these mobile games are not all available in the territory of Indonesia, only Super Mario Run is available in the application market, both Google PlayStore and Apple Appstore.