Hardest First Boss Ever Made In Video Games

When fighting in a game, it’s make player feel satisfied when playing game. But sometimes, there’s a boss who really hard to defeat, for example every bosses in Dark Soul game. But other than that game, there’s another game who have a freaking difficulty when battling with first bosses. Want to know ?

First is Cleric Beast form Bloodborne game. In this game, you will play as a hunter who hunt down the demon. When you play in stage one, you will meet a Cleric Beast. This monster is not a main boss, but many player take the wrong line and must fight this boss. When fighting with Cleric Beast, you movement is very limited. You need to be carefull about his tail sweep ! He can kill you in one hit.

The second one is Murai from Ninja Gaiden game. Before meet Murai, you just have 30 minutes to learn about Ninja Gaiden basic move. This mini boss look like a real boss. Seriously ! He will drain your HP bar so fast. Be carefull to not be wrecked by Murai.

The third one is Crypt of the Necrodancer. This game is so popular back in time. When meet the first boss, you need to follow the dance of the boss. If you take the wrong move, you will die instantly. So you need to watch carefully about the dancing zombies.