Battle Royale Mode Red Dead Redemption 2 “Gun Rush Mode” Officially Released!

Formulated through reliable Rockstar talents, Red Dead Redemption 2 is capable of being an extraordinary masterpiece. The wild west-themed game is even capable of being the highest rated game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

At its peak, Rockstar is still improving Red Dead Redemption 2 to appear more perfect, especially in its online mode. This time Rockstar has fulfilled their promise by releasing a mode long awaited by the players, namely the battle royale mode. The nickname Gun Rush Mode holds 32 players directly, individually or in teams to kill each other, until there is only one person or team that survives.

The update is now available and can be downloaded for free, Rockstar plans to also extend the beta period in the next few months before Red Dead Online is truly mature. They also plan to throw another row of updates with a variety of new content & improvements that include:

Added content & new features: Showdown, race, outfit, & new emotes.
Daily Challenges: Daily challanges with rewards
Law and Bounty Upgrades: Players with high crime will be hunted by bounty hunters, or are required to pay to the authorities.
Parley Changes: Improving the parley system that will feel more just, revenge can also be done fairly through competition.
Proximity-Based Player Blips: The player’s location will be detected immediately at close range, players with high crime will have special marks.
How? interested in enjoying Red Dead Online which is increasingly “solid”?