All You Need To Know About Shadow Fiend In Dota 2

Shadow Fiend or Nevermore is a ranged hero with AGI primary attribute. His speciality in on bursting damage for varying distance. Shadow Fiend can inflict damage from far nor near. Not only magical damage but also phsycal damage too.

The true power of Shadow Fiend is his power to steal soul and make them into his strengh. After taking maximum soul, he can release that soul with his ultimate, dont ever ask about the damage output from his ultimate !

His first ability is Shadowraze. This skill have 3 different range, first range is 200, the second one is 450 and the third one is 700. If u hit the enemy with this skill continiously, it will inflict extra damage on enemy.

His second ability is Necromastery. This ability give him a capability to steal soul form dead enemy. For 1 soul he take, Shadowfiend will gain 2 attack damage ( 4 with talent tree ). Maximum gained souls is 36 soul ( 46 with Aghanim Scepter ).

His third ability is Presence of the Dark Lord. This aura giving enemy armor reduction if stay near him. Enemy will lose 6 point of their armor.

And his ultimate skill is Requiem of Souls. Shadowfiend will release his collected souls. More souls means more damage. With Blink Dagger and Euls Scepter, Shadowfiend kan instan kill the enemy, excluding tank hero.