Vikendi Has Been Officially Present For PUBG Mobile!

Vikendi Has Been Officially Present For PUBG Mobile!

One of the most anticipated things has finally arrived, through the update 0.10.0, the latest snow map for PUBG – Vikendi has finally been officially released. Not only for the PC version, but also for the mobile version, there are many new lines offered by this new map.

Vikendi himself is a vast plain measuring 6km x 6km covered with snow, of course this will give a different sensation to the players. The new content offered in this map certainly feels very diverse, and the following is a line of new things that are present in Vikendi’s folder:

New weather additions: Snow

Vikendi’s exclusive vehicle: Snowmobile
Snowball War added on Vikendi Spawn Island.

Add a snow theme in the main menu view. Bell collection from all Classic modes and exchange for prizes at the event center.

Add Arabic support.

Add cross-server matchmaking. Once activated, players have the opportunity to meet other players who have the same tier from other servers.

The player who repeatedly matches when the match takes place will be banned from the find match for a while.

Players can now report strange things when they become spectators after death.
Add a layout for players with large hand sizes.

Add tags to items with quality, categories, and background information.
The best game results in the Crew Challenge will now appear on the Crew page and can be shared with other players.

Players can now collect all daily mission awards directly.
New commands added in Quick Chat.

Add a Firearms Finish upgrade system, where players can use material in the lab to upgrade multiple weapons and add effects such as kill effects, unique kill broadcasts, and different coffin appearances.

Add Lucky Treasure, a feature that gives players the chance to get Glacier weapon upgrade material – M416 when completing daily missions.

Adding Season Spending Rewards. Spend different amounts to get amazing prizes and discounts for firearm finishes.

Add a feature in the backpack to show items that cannot be taken when clicked.
Other reshuffle:

Players no longer need to choose a second language for matchmaking and chat.
The chat system takes up less memory and is able to store more messages.
The store front page has been set to emphasize the theme of each major update.