PUBG Mobile Presents Enhanced Team Deathmatch Mode

PUBG Mobile Presents Enhanced Team Deathmatch Mode

In making a game fresh and preferred by its players, developers often make updates that can make the game more fun and exciting.

Now this is what Tencent did in one of the games at PUBG Mobile. One of the famous Battle royale games will get a new Team Deathmatch update in beta specifically for the Android version. Players can play the new Team Deathmatch mode in third or first person mode.

In that mode, there will be several modes that are eliminated like boss mode in “The Abandoned Factory”, “Zombies Survival til dawn” mode and many more.

This increase will also affect the graphics of the game as a whole such as when walking in the snow area, players will leave footprints and much more. PUBG M itself recently entered season 7, which brought out new features such as the Royale Pass, EZ Missions License, Mustache in customization features, and Flight trail when opening parachutes. In addition, there are also additional new Scorpion weapons that have been issued by the PUBG M, and new Servers for people who play PUBG M in the Middle East.

Apart from that, of course Tencent will always develop the game for the players, therefore if you haven’t downloaded the PUBG M game, immediately download it on Google Play for the Android version and Appstore for the iOS version.