The Most Beautifull Female Character In Game

Diao Chan

In playing games, the presence of beautiful female characters is the main attraction for game players. Of all the female characters in the game, there are some characters that are most favored by the players, who are they?

1. Anna Williams – Tekken

This one female character is quite famous in the game world. He comes from the Tekken game. Anna has extraordinary fighting skills. But the concern is the clothes she wears, because the clothes worn by Anna are very sexy. This dress is also used as a diversion so that he can defeat her opponent easily.

2. Mai Shiranui – The King Of Fighter

If asked the sexiest game character, maybe Mai Shiranui’s name is at the top of the list. Who does not know the figure of this beautiful woman with red sexy super sexy kimono clothes? Her powerfull attack is spinning fan with fire !.

3. Diao Chan – Dynasty Warrior

Although Dynasty Warrior is a warring theme game, this game still presents a very beautiful heroine, whose name is Diao Chan. Although beautiful, he has great fighting abilities. He is also an expert in teasing and triggering many wars.

There are three female characters in a beautiful game and are very skilled in fighting. What do you think are the most beautiful female characters? In our opinion, the most beautiful is Diao Chan.