Best Build For Phantom Assasin Dota 2

Best Build For Phantom Assasin Dota 2

Phantom Assassin is a very strong agility type hero during late game. He is a critical specialist in the Dota 2 game. Thanks to the Coup De Grace skill, he is able to provide critical 4 times more than his normal attack.

In playing the hero Phantom Assassin, there are some items that must be purchased by this hero. The first item that must be purchased is Battle Fury. This item has a cleaving attack effect where you can attack all enemies in a small area at once! This item also provides additional regeneration of SP and HP as well as considerable attack points.

The next item is Vladimir Offering or Helm of Dominator or Satanic. These three items have a life steal effect that is needed by Phantom Assassin. The most suitable item to buy during late game is Satanic while for the early game is the Helm of Dominator or Vladimir.

The third item that must be purchased is Basher or Abyssal Blade. This item gives the possibility to stun an enemy every time it hits. If it has been upgraded to Abyssal Blade, then you can use the active skills in Abyssal Blade to set enemies. This item is very suitable to be combined with the second skill of the Phantom Assassin.

The fourth item named Black King Bar. When activated, this item will give a magic immune effect so that the Phantom Assassin can advance without the need to be afraid of the opponent’s magic effects.

The fifth item is called Eye of Skadi. This item provides a very large boost status for its users. Although this item does not provide a large amount of damage, this item is able to give a slow effect every time it attacks.