New Character In Dead or Alive 6

New Character In Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive Festival 2019 presents the latest disclosures about the characters of Dead or Alive 6.

Kokoro and La Mariposa, who have appeared in the previous series, will return to the latest DoA series.

Besides them, there is one more character that appears. He will also attract the attention of Indonesian fans. Why? Because of NiCO, this new character Dead or Alive 6, fights with pencak silat style ! The Traditional fighting style from Indonesia.

Known as Lightning Technomancer, NiCO is a user of pencak silat, which is delivered as a historic martial art from Southeast Asia.

NiCO is indeed a unique character.

She is said to be from Finland, but his physical appearance does not feature Finnish characteristics at all. Her hair is just blue.

In addition, NiCO’s choice of fighting style is precisely silat ( Indonesia fighting style ), not European fighting style. Oh, and this silat technique is also reinforced by plasma shock, which makes her stronger.

This 18-year-old girl also seems to work together for the development of the M.I.S.T. project.

Cute, smart, and seemingly dangerous, this new Dead or Alive 6 figure seems to be a potential threat to other DoA fighters.

So, what do you think about the addition of the NiCO the pencak silat expert in Dead or Alive 6?

Or are you more interested in the news of the addition of La Mariposa and Kokoro at DoA 6?