Learn How To Be A Pro Carry Player

Learn How To Be A Pro Carry Player

Sometimes in playing carry type heroes, there are many mistakes made by beginner players. Therefore we must understand any mistakes that should not be made as role carry players.

The first mistake that often occurs is too much focus on farming. The duty of a carry is when the early game does have to be farmed, but sometimes because it is too focused on farming, a carry person forgets about the situation and conditions being faced by the team. The worst scenario of this type of player is team defeat.

When playing a role carry, we also need to pay attention to the condition of the team. If possible, do backups and get kill in crucial situations, besides being able to help the team, you can also increase KDA.

In addition, beginner carry players also often focus too much on killing the opponent hero without doing a push tower. The duty of a carry is to bring the entire team to victory, but because they are too happy to kill their opponents, they often forget that the main purpose of playing the game is to win, not increase the number of kills.

For those of you who want to play a carry role, understand the two things above so that you don’t become a stupid carry player. Keep learning and pay attention to how a pro player plays so you can get knowledge in playing. Happy gaming buddy! Become a professional SBOBET player and take your team to victory.