Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guide : Gacha !

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guide : Gacha !

Burn your cash!
If you have more money to spend in the game, you can test your luck in this machine. Who doesn’t know Gacha? Almost all mobile games are now filled with gacha.

Inside the Gacha machine you will get a list of items that you can get by paying for a Big Cat Coin (BCC) or Gacha Ticket. Each item has a different chance, the better the item the less chance it has

There are 4 Gacha machines in this game that I will explain one by one.

BCC Rate (SEA):

1 BCC = Rp. 4500
1 BCC = 10,000 zeny

Gacha view

Gacha List and% Chance

The following are important points in Gacha:

You can do Gacha by using Big Cat Coin (BCC) or Gacha Ticket.
There are 4 kinds of Gacha Machine, each Gacha Machine has a different list of gacha.
You can recycle the gacha results that you don’t want to be a Gacha Ticket (Gacha Ticket for Headwear, Equipment, and Gacha Banquet is different).
Every day, maximum Gacha can be done 50 times.
Especially for Gacha Equipment and Gacha Monster Card (need confirmation), every time Gacha the BCC price will continue to rise (reset every day).
All Equipment items and Headwear from Gacha cannot be sold at Market.

Headwear / Headgear Gacha
This one Gacha is only specifically for Headwear. For those who like fashion you will definitely be tempted by this one Gacha. Every month Gacha Headwear will be updated.

Each Headwear has different and unique status and effects.

The price of a one-time transfer is this Gacha for 21 BCC for Gacha in the same month (30% discount). For Gacha Headwear for the month that has been overtaken by one turn gacha for 30 BCC.

Gacha Equipments

This Gacha only provides equipments. Unlike Headwear, this Gacha doesn’t update every month and the list doesn’t change much. The price of one turn of Gacha is 30 BCC.

The Equipments of the Gacha are not very impressive compared to the equipment obtained from the Craft or Boss. However, every equipment from Gacha adds Base EXP and% EXP Job. So that it might be beneficial for players who just started playing in this game.

Note: The BCC price for a single turn will go up every time you play Gacha!

Monster Card Gacha

Wow, Gacha monster card?

Yep, there really is a Gacha card here, but it’s quiet there is no MVP card or Miniboss here. The maximum rarity found in the Gacha Cart is only up to blue rarity.

One time gacha in this machine for 30BCC. Here is the rate card for each rarity (china server):

Common (Gray): 61.405%
Rare (Green): 36.799%
Super Rare (Blue): 1.796%

Gacha Banquet

Gacha Banquet (not official name) only appears during certain event times and in this gacha there is a set of Costume that you can win. Apart from that you can get exclusive items such as Hairstyle, Clothes Coloring, Headwear, etc.