Ragnarok Idle Poring, Fun To Play For Lazy Gamer

It is undeniable, currently the mobile game that is booming is Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. Since being introduced to Chinese servers, this game has always been successful in attracting many players in the world. Currently the developer has released a global version where more players will play the game in this version.

But besides Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, there is one Ragnarok mobile game that you can play, the name is Ragnarok Idle Poring. Unlike most Ragnarok games, the Ragnarok Idle Poring game is actually very easy to play.

How come ? This game allows players to gain experience even though they are not playing the game (idle). Besides that there are many unique features that make this game even more interesting.

One exciting feature is the pet system. Pet that can be used is not only limited to public pets such as poring or yoyo, monsters in the class of Baphomet, Drake, Maya and other bosses can also be used.

Every pet boss that is used gives additional different effects, ranging from additional zeny, exp, HP, SP, Attack and so on.

Besides that there is a mission feature that can provide additional items, exp and also other objects that can be used to help leveling you up, isn’t it fun?

What are you waiting for ? Instantly download and feel the thrill of playing Ragnarok in a different style.