The Walking Dead: The Final Season Turns from Steam to the Epic Games Store

Even though it is still very new, Epic Games Store has managed to persuade many developers to switch from Steam to their digital store services with two temptations that are hard to resist, which are 18% bigger profit sharing and a better promised curation system. After the Supergiant, A44 Games and Team Meat, now Skybound Games – a new developer from The Walking Dead: The Final Season also turns to EGS.

Previously released on Steam, they were eventually persuaded to continue the remaining two episodes through this Fortnite developer store. For those who have already purchased on Steam, there is no need to worry, both episodes will still be given to the Steam version. This is only reserved for gamers who have not had time to buy or are just interested in buying.

For those of you who miss out on information, Telltale Games announced a few months ago that it will close soon and all the projects they are working on have now been canceled including The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Fortunately Skybound Games, the studio that was discovered by the creators of The Walking Dead, took steps to continue the conclusion of the Clementime and AJ stories. Successfully recruiting a collection of developers from Telltale, Episode 3 and 4 finally re-developed and planned to be released in the upcoming January 2019.

Skybound Games revealed when Epic Games has become a business partner of their company. So it became a reasonable decision if they switched from Steam to this new store service. There is no certainty whether the previous game The Walking Dead will also be released to the store, but it can happen to see that all of them now cannot be bought again on Steam.