The Blackout Club: Horror Co-op Game

At first glance, the overall appearance of this game might remind me a bit of the atmosphere in one of the Goosebumps series, both from the TV serial version and in the novel book directly. Taking the theme of horror around the lives of teenagers is indeed an interesting thing for some who want to reminisce again to commemorate the times full of such excitement.

Question, a developer whose members have an important portfolio in working on the Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite series, now has just shown a project that runs the latest co-op game that is too unique. With the title The Blackout Club, this is a game that seems to be a new form of preoccupation for you and your friends.

The Blackout Club has a kind of premise where you are a teenager who is caught witnessing a mysterious phenomenon in your place of residence. Many people there at night always go out sleeping. Then when you are closing your eyes, sometimes you can also see the appearance of a figure resembling a human that is quite creepy. As soon as you tell these things to parents, teachers, at school, to other adults, they don’t believe your words at all.

Not added from the occurrence of loss of your friends after the incident began to occur, that’s where the beginning of the return of this game began. You along with 3 of your friends in the editorial co-op will investigate what really happened at night. Whether it’s looking for evidence by recording the odd things you encounter, or solving the mystery of the strange phenomenon directly.