Best Item For Archer In AoV Mobile Game

If you want to give maximum damage with hero role Archer, the first item that must be in the Elsu AOV build is Rankbreaker. As much as possible you get at the beginning before buying shoes, because your shooting distance is quite far.

Although the addition of physical attacks on this item is 110 points. The big benefit of Rankbreaker is the passive effect that can give Elsu pierce armor an additional 100 points and up 10 points per Elsu level.

For footwear that is mandatory and a recommendation on the Elsu AOV build is War Boots. Why War Boots? As explained earlier that the increase in attack speed is prioritized on the Elsu DPS type build.

Actually the issue of movement speed on Elsu need not be considered, because Elsu’s passive skill has provided an additional 16-30% movement speed when hiding and not attacking.

This is the second important item in the build of Elsu AOV which makes the attack normally painful. Devil Handshake can provide large damage from the results of converting critical rates into damage and adding 30% attack speed and 5% movement speed.

The use of Devil Handshake can replace the position of a Snipe skill that is difficult to master, a normal use of attack in teamfight. So using Snipe skills is only when the war opener and chasing a hero who runs away from the battle.

The passive effect of this item can give Elsu a normal attack that hurts very quickly, increasing the attack speed by 10% for 2 seconds that you can stack 5 times!

Using Muramasa on this build can increase your armor pierce owned by Elsu and your Arcana. Elsu’s attacks can be 100% hit with enemies with full damage, and can also be faster in defeating enemy tanks.

With the increase in attack speed and added to Pierce 45% armor to Elsu, it could make the enemy’s HP quickly decrease like a leaky water bucket. Not to mention there is an additional 75 physical attacks and 10% cooldown reduction.