Fact About Kadita, Newest Hero In Mobile Legends

Who does not know Kadita, this hero is one of the new heroes released this month on December 18 yesterday. This hero is a Hero who is very overpowering and agile because it is supported by his skills that are very useful especially the ultimate which is so released to cause damage and slow effects that are very annoying. But you may not know the facts below and we have collected it so let’s look at the following facts

Kadita is the first original hero from Indonesia, maybe you will wonder why Kadita is the first hero, not Gatotkaca, this is the explanation that unlike Gatotkaca where Gatotkaca is a Hero made from Mahabaratha where it is still debated that Gatotkaca is a hero from India or Indonesia , but if traced through history, it can be ascertained that gatotkaca originated from India because the Mahabaratha book originated from the country of India. But there is a big difference between the Indonesian version of Gatotkaca and the Indian version where in the Indian version gatotkaca is described as having a giant stature and bald stature, while in the version of Garudayana Gatotkaca it is described as having a fierce face but having a stout posture and wearing clothes and using the Gatotkaca the Garudayana version therefore Mobile Legends gives an appendage to a hero from Indonesia.

Historically we got through Wikipedia Kadita is a single daughter of Raja Munding Wangi from Pajajaran Kingdom. Because of her beauty, she was nicknamed Dewi Srêngéngé (lit. “Goddess of the Sun”). Despite having a beautiful daughter, Raja Munding Wangi was sad because he did not have a son who could succeed him as king. Kemudan Raja married Dewi Mutiara and got the son from the marriage. Because Dewi Mutiara wanted her son to be king without any obstacles later on she finally tried to get rid of Dewi Kandita. then Dewi Mutiara faced the King then asked her to send Kadita away from the palace. But the King said that he would not allow anyone who wanted to act harshly on his daughter. Hearing that answer, Dewi Mutiara smiled and said sweetly until the King did not get angry again at him.

From the beginning of the Mobile Legends Release until now there have been many Heroes released, but maybe many of you don’t know how many Hero Mobile Legends. Currently there are 74 Hero Mobile Legends which are divided into several types such as Marksman, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Tank and Support.