Know More About Magician In Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

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For those of you who have played the Ragnarok Online game, of course it’s no stranger to the magician job class right?

In the game Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, the presence of job class magicians is very crucial. Job magician is a job class that can issue skills with very large damage output.

For a magician, killing monsters in a single strike is easy. The skill possessed by the magician has many elements making it easier for them to do hunting and farming.

But magicians have weaknesses, every time they issue a skill, they have to do a casting first. the length of casting depends on how great the skill is used.

To reduce casting time, you can increase Dexterity status. For other job classes, Dexterity will add accuracy, while for magicians, Dexterity is needed to reduce casting time.

The weapon commonly used by magicians is staff. Magicians can also use several types of shields. If we are in a group with a magician, we can kill a group of monsters easily because the magician has a great AOE skill.

The main weakness of a magician is a very small cellphone. Magicians are very easily killed by monsters, so you need to keep a distance if you are killing monsters.

Magician can turn into a wizard and also sage. The wizard has great AOE skills, while Sage has a deadly single target skill.