New Features: Black Desert Online Battle Royale

Battle Royale mode is indeed very phenomenal in 2017-2018. The instant mode rocketed its popularity with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds adapted by various developers to create new games including the owner of its own game engine with Fortnite Battle Royale. Although it is predicted that his popularity will soon end this year, apparently he will instead be re-adapted by other games, one of which is Black Desert Online.

The first is the removal of the renown score and the bonus renown score that allows you to do the one-hit kill of the monsters you face. He will be replaced with a DP arrangement so that fighting time can last a long time. While the marketplace will not have the waiting time for item registration and bid to prevent misuse of the system. They also want life skills to give more gifts to players.

Apart from that, they also announce Archer as a new class in the game and explain why he didn’t appear at the beginning of the game. They only say that Archer is a Kamasylvia guard and is busy keeping it “you can’t play”. The story information will be provided after it is implemented.

Archer is the most unique class among other classes, it is capable of using weapon awakening and abilities since level 1. A thing that is quite different compared to other classes that need grinding up to level 56 and run the awakening quest to use it. It will be able to be used from December 12 throughout the world, skipping Lahn for Black Desert Online SEA. They will give an EXP bonus event to welcome him. Currently Black Desert Online SEA has also opened a pre-registration period to try it.